HB Fred Reid released by Winnipeg


The purge of veteran RBs across the league continues...Garrett's emergence made Reid expendable in Spy eyes. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


As Fred is still only 30 years old, this move was likely due to a large salary commanded as well as the uncertainty regarding the season ending knee injury he experienced last season.

Garrett has emerged, although not necessarily proven over the long haul to date.
The Bombers may be wise to offer Reid a spot as a running backs coach to further mentor Garrett's development.

I've noticed that most of the premier backs released this season were in the 32 year old range, (Cobourne, Reynolds, Cates) which seems to be the deemed expiration date for that position as of late..
At one time, it wasn't uncommon for a back to play into his mid-thirties, although this sentiment seems to have changed recently.

Premature IMO, they really do not know if Garrett will repeat his early success.
I hope it blows up in their face


Replace Garrett with Mallett and you have the same situation.

I guess there will be a lot of veteran RBs available should one of these youngsters get hurt.

I’m really wondering what Winnipeg is doing this Free Agency. I mean, I’m not aware of a single improvement to the team and they’ve only lost players. Sure Fred Reid is a case of Winnipeg making cap room, but Reid has far more credentials then Garrett. Oh well, I’m sure Saskatchewan will try to sign him now.

Explosive runner, have to think he'll be signed somewhere again.

Yes, there are quite a few talented veteran backs available these days.

Speaking of talented backs, where is Cobourne?
I hope he catches on with some team or league in the near future.

He has too much moxie to be put out to pasture just yet.

It's all about value for money spent and the salary cap has resulted in veteran running backs (and other positions) being discarded even though they're still productive. There's an abundant supply of talented, less expensive import backs available - for example, Brandon Whitaker in place of Cobourne in Montreal and Chris Garrett in place of Reid in Winnipeg basically without missing a beat.
The salary cap has had far-reaching effects on the nature of the CFL including higher turnover of import players and the "musical chairs" effect for non-imports - probably not what the CFL envisioned when they introduced the SMS.

It was strictly for money...It just proves once again that football players are nothing more than a piece of meat to the organization no matter what management says in plublic. If something else comes along that is better and cheaper then it is added and the other subtracted.. I know it sounds cold but it is the nature of the business side of football.
Therefore, when a player leaves a team on his own accord we should not harbour and ill will towards him because sooner or later he will get the ax and be replaced by a newer model. 8)