HB and the sundance kids almost hotdogged it away!

Throwing with 50 seconds left?!?!?!? WOW! Thats a little cocky! And it was intercepted! Almost lost that one Henry


It was the Bombers... that game there was a classic case of..

Calgary didn't want it.. Winnipeg couldn't take it!

...HB wasn't the problem, it was our D giving up gargantuan yards rushing inthe second half...

...I'm thinking Mike Kelly waved around a handgun during the halftime talk.....

All in all it ended up being a pretty exciting game. Congrats to the Stamps for holding off the Bomber charge.

And wow, who'd of thunk the Bombers would put up more yards of offense than the stamps ?

In the end, turnovers were the difference.

...i'll say a difference maker in the Bombers running attack is a guy by the name of Bernard.....along with Reid they are going to give the opposition fits the rest of the way in 09....I would say the cal. d line is still shell-shocked after that display of running....too bad they got started so late...Henry also played an exacting passing game to preserve the win....not a bad game at all...as it turned out.. :thup: