Hazelton signs with the Eskimos

It's all over twitter... I have a sneaky suspicion that Gurley will pop up in Winnipeg, this move puts a little bit of pressure on as the Eskimos get a lot scarier on offence.

Heres a link


guess the Esks want a guy who goofs around and doesn't take practicing seriously?

isn't that why they let him go?

Apparently so. They were all thrown right under the bus on their way out, but who really knows what was going on and a change of scenery can always do some good for a person. All three are talented and will find homes somewhere, just last year they were looked at as the stable future of the Argos receiving corps.

Gurley will be signed by the end of the week, Elliott may take a bit longer but I also expect him to resurface somewhere sooner than later.

......I hope the Bombers sign Gurley....but I'm not holding my breath...Seems O'Shea doesn't think we need improvement and we have a Cup calibre team already...said as much today...Sometimes I wonder what's in that crap that O'Shea sniffs on the sidelines.. :roll:

MikeO spend two years meticulously creating a culture in Winnipeg. Why would he bring a cancer into his locker room ??? These guys were seen fighting with thei coach on the sideline they don't take the CFL seriously.

Sometimes goofballs are followers who can be straightened out by good leadership, players and coaches.
Time will tell.

Yup, all 3 are good players and have a feel for the large Canadian field having played of course. I think they will be assets to any other team.

Not sure they are that great. There will be close to twenty, thousand yards receivers this year (under new rules...) and only Gurley was on a 1000 yard pace. The other two are 500/600 yard pace not exactly earth shattering. Elliot is averaging 35 yards a game !

He wanted to sign with the Riders but his rap sheet wasn't long enough.

Warden Corky was disgusted by his short rap sheet! lol

I think by separating The Big Three Stooges, they won't be so inclined to act out. It was like 3 bratty kids on a school ground for them in Toronto.

Hazelton wouldn't be the first receiver to get his act together after signing with Edmonton. Kamu Petersen and Adarius Bowman are prime examples of that.

That's a good point. Bowman was a bust in Winnepeg and is now the best Receiver in the league.

Peterson played hard every play with Edmonton, I believe he was with BC at first.

It's not official yet as per Edmonton radio

Not really a need for Edmonton, but I'll take it.

Esks have a great receiving group.

Except for Coehorn. Maybe they could dump him.

He has a poor catch rating of 59% and the Gurly and Elliott were not much better. It appears they have butter fingers good luck with that.

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