Haywood ....released by Mont.

...Is it my imagination or is almost every pick-up the Als. have made off of the BigBlues' roster, been cut by the Als.......We must be doing something right in our assessment of players..... :wink: Im being more impressed with Kelly and company as the days go by.....and yes it is one thing to come to conclusions on who you shouldn't have on the club....it's another to find and keep the right personnell....but so far so good ....... :wink:

Subtract one, add one.

Haywood released, Samuels is back with the Als.

Welcome to Hamilton Jerome.


Greg Marshall

Was Jerome Haywood that bad? (Must be if two teams have now cut him)

I thought he did a decent job for you guys in the games I saw.

Maybe an "age" thing?

Just about anyone would look decent beside Brown.

That's a really good point!

It's going to be really interesting to see how Tyrone does in there next to Doug. Or for that matter, how Doug looks next to Tyrone...Could be really tough to go for it on third and one against this line...

If Hamilton can't pressure KJ in their last pre-season game Tuesday night, Heywood might just get a call from Obie. But I don't think that will be the case. Promising new DL guys like Khari Long, Matt Kirk, Garrett McIntyre and Scott McQuaig, who didn't play at all against the Bombers in exhibition game 1, will undoubtedly all get playing time against Toronto.

You guys can do better than Haywood. He lost his job in Winnipeg to a 36 year old.

Yes, I think the chances of Haywood getting picked up are slim (that might be the first time in history that “Haywood” and “slim” appeared in the same sentence).

Lost his job to a 36 year old in Winnnipeg…then he goes to Montreal where there is a vacancy at his position (Claybrooks gone), and he’s cut before the second exhibition game.

Doesn’t look good on the ol’ resume.

The reason they said he was released by the Als, is that the linemen he was competing with, were very impressive, younger, and had a lot more potential for the future that Haywood. Jerome is undersized for a Defensive Tackle also. The skills he posesses, aren't what the team is 'looking for'.

I really hope this team know what they're doing, because 2 of our 3 big free agent signings, have been released already.

Apparently, he also is recovering from a neck injury...

I personally feel the neck injury factored large in the decision to release Haywood. If it had just been about body types and unfavorable comparisons to younger players, why would Popp have signed him to a 1 and 1 deal? We knew what kind of player he was -- he played in Montreal before. My feeling is that the neck injury prevented Haywood from shining in camp, which contributed to his release. Just bad timing for Jerome. As others have pointed out, I wouldn't be surprised to see him surface in Hamilton. He's still a good player with some gas left in the tank.