Hay Argo Fans ..

Is Pinball Really Going to Keep Ricky away From IWS This Friday .. :lol:

No Big Loss You Only Lose 7 Yards Offence..



H-E-Y dope.

If your going to poke fun at the Argos, at least have your spelling correct.

Actually, I'm interested when we will know if Mr.7 yards in gonna play this week or not. H really should. The only thing that will be thrown at him are some insults. All in the good name of a heated rivalry.

Hay I was having Beer Laughing at you argo Fans and Ricky 7 Yard Willams..

Well we will have the last laugh!!!

Now we know who the Ticat fan in the Jason film clip is. Here I thought it was an actor…lol

How many carries did he have anyway? Like 4? I say give Ricky some time, he'll find his way...

regardless if it was 7 yards or 200 yards. were talking preseason wait until the real season is in full swing it could be a different story

never give an edge because it might come back and bite you on the keester

Wait for the regular season? Oh right, that's when we will dress DJ and Ralph Brock for the added offense.

I think its a safe bet that Argos fans are gonna get some ribbing this year every time Ricky has a stinker game. I expect he will create space for team-mates if opposing defenses key on him. We will see when the reg. season starts.....

Hahahahaha. Ricky is going no where this season. You know why? The lack of an Oline.
They sure can pass block, but run block is a different story. Their about as skilled at run blocking as the smoke in Ricky's lungs. Pick up an Oline next off season and THAN bring Ricky back.

HEY… in all fairness to Ricky… that giant dancing hotdog on the jumbo tron HAD to be a major distraction!! :lol: :rockin:

:lol: Hey Mr.TigerCat there is no way that the TigerCats will even come close to the Argos at the skydome tomorrow.The score will be 32 to 17 for those fabulous Argos!. :lol: cheers Argos Rule

lol, Argos won 27:17, I was there

The ARGOS :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, and Prefontaine has the makings of a great quarterback! :stuck_out_tongue:
There has to be a reason why Wynn got no playing time in Winnipeg last year, even when they lost. Probably the Ticats secondary made him look better than he is. :expressionless:

The Star was talking about Khari Jones becoming an Argo soon. Hmm.

(Questions: Tons of articles say Hamilton will be better once they develop chemistry, more like the Argos. How many Ticat players have punched each other recently? Why does Andre Talbot do goofy dances even after inconsequential catches?)

The Argos deserved to win, though it will be interesting to see how long Wynn can hold up as a quarterback.