Hawk's Nest ! We are getting a Coach's show

I was out to see World War Z. Anyone catch Coach on radio tonight ?

Ok let's try this one. Was there a Hawk's nest last night ? :roll:

Didn't catch it, if I had I would have posted. :wink:

At the same time as the "Hawks Nest" show is on, just down the dial from 800, another show takes place. Gamepoints radio with Mathhew Ross and Moe Khan (Sundays 6-8pm). Not to take away from the initiative of a coaches radio show but I find coaches usually have vanilla ansewers. The Hawk has a big personality, I like that, makes for fun audio and reading. However I much prefer to hear from players. They seem to respond differently I think. Of course some players respond with the predictable, but some have no problem being straight up and have a different take on things.

Gamepoints does a really good job of fan interaction, if you have a question you can reach them very easily (Twitter,FB,email or call) If another player is in studio, be sure to send in a question or two. It's almost a guarantee they will ask for you. By the way, Brandon London was in studio on Sunday for the full two hours. Many say the MTL media isn't following the Als and do a lack luster job, I disagree. With a little luck they will post the audio from last Sundays show.

Le Chugg.

Do they have a live stream ?

IT's TSN 690 radio. You can listen to the station online anytime with the live stream.