Hawk's Nest ! We are getting a Coach's show

Feels like Christmas. Coach Hawk will have his own show on CJAD. Sunday nights at 6:30 EST. Questions can be sent via twitter at #CJADHawksNest. I guess people will have to listen in to see how else they can forward questions. Hopefully they don't do like in Winnipeg and let the Village idiots call in.

I can't even begin to explain how happy this makes me. Absolutely everything we've talked and asked about here during the off season has been acted on. Mark Weightman said he would listen to fans ! Thank you Mark and the rest of the Alouette org.

So please flood him with questions and give the man an audience so we get to hang on to this.

and for those who do not "Twitter" you can email questions to Abe Hefter or Rick Moffat

here is the link to CJAD for more info on the "Hawk's Nest".


Great news!

Je ne suis pas certain que j’aime voir Hawkins s’éparpiller ainsi, mais c’est à l’usage qu’on verra si ça affecte le reste de son travail.

Ça serait bien d’avoir quelque chose qui ressemble à ça à 98,5 aussi.

Are you going to send him your questions in French :stuck_out_tongue:

Hawkins was on CJAD this morning and kind of said the show was part of Mr. Wetenhall`s mandate to better sell the team.

And yes there should be something similar on 98.5. Charles-Andre Marchand would make a good host.

And this morning on Montreals so-called all sports radio station Team 990 not one syllable on tonights game. Shameful.

I'm not sure that Team 990 is going to do well in Montreal. They are all over the place, throwing stuff at the wall.

There were two that use to talk about the Als but no longer are on the station (now 690). Denis Casavant and Randy Tieman.

The rest either talk about hockey or soccer. Throw in the odd conversation about baseball and golf.

Yeah I noticed there is some turf wars going on in Montreal media. These guys aren't independent anymore. Le ournal and TVA have pretty much dumped Als coverage now that they will be broadcasting NFL games on Thursday night. (The same night Als play their home games...). Can't cure stupid.

Team 690 does have player agent Darren Gill Wed. at 7:30 A.M., he started again this week, but that`s it for the mornings.

I agree Tieman was very good, but obviously now we won`t get any CFL from Chris Nilan. They had a weekly Als show last year but basically 2 junior announcers babbling.

Jim Popp will be on Lantichambre on RDS after the game. Theyll probably ask him about Carey Price. :smiley:

Bet you they ask him about Tim Tebow and Duron Carter

Don't forget Dominic Rhodes.

[i]Yup, you can bet on it :smiley:

Poor old and confused Michel Bergeron will probably ask him if Vince Ferragamo will have a good season![/i]

Sean Campbell and Mitch Gallow I believe.

Well so much for the coach`s first show. Worked as well as Als special teams.

We can put a man on the moon but can`t get a live phone connection between Lennoxville and Montreal.

Or maybe he saw the questions he would have to answer and pulled the plug. :smiley:

My sons took me out to dinner and see Man of Steel. What happened ? Was there a show or did they screw that up ?

off football topic and I apologize, but how was the Man of Steel?

Was awesome, went to see it in Real 3D on Imax. Its kind of like the Avengers but it does not stop from 15 minutes in to the credits. Origin story but it's done in a very cool way. If you liked Dark Knight. You will like this.

Non. En Islandais.

Je pensais à Calixte qui est assez articulé pour se livrer à ce genre d'exercice.