Hawkins told to stay home

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Poor result on the field plus a visibly unhappy veteran QB, I think we all saw this move coming. I'm more surprised Miller is retained, for now I guess. I thought the two would be gone together with Doug Berry moving in as OC. Turns out he was more an Andrus than a Trestman. Now we sit and wait for the stories of background turmoil , like maybe how Hawkins probably wanted to bench Calvillo who he thought didn't fit the system but was told he couldn't because he's a god there. I would imagine there was quite a bit of drama behind the scenes there.

IMO Miller is still there because he's a hard worker. People who work hard and are willing to learn will eventually succeed.

Its not an ideal situation with your head scout being pulled from the field but I like the idea that Popp can evaluate all this new personnel.

Hawkins had no input in designing the system. It was all Miller. And also, when you arrive on a new team, you design a system to fit your starting QB, not the backups! If Miller couldn't design a playbook to suit a future Hall of Fame quarterback, that's on him. I recognize that AC hasn't played well this year but he also hasn't been put in a position to succeed.

Hawkins is the face of what's going on with the team and he had to have some input as to what was going on, I can't imagine he was totally hands off especially these last couple of weeks when it was clear the team was in a tailspin. He had to have been or should have been in meetings with Miller and Berry and the other offensive coaching staff trying to figure out why things were so dysfunctional. But you're right in that the offensive performance lies squarely at Miller's feet. When you have a veteran QB throwing balls into areas where a receiver should be or thinks should be and there's nothing there but empty field over and over again and 5 weeks into the season everyone on offense seems entirely confused, then something is obviously wrong here and Miller should have been accountable for that. That's why I'm surprised he survived with Hawkins being the only fall guy. Another surprise for me is that Popp gets the temporary gig. He has been average at best as a HC, though he did lead them to the grey cup one year, but more importantly it takes him off his NFL training camp scouting tour. The Als might have been better off making Berry an interim HC to finish out the year.

What he should have done is be a boss and tell his staff to cancel their plans for the by week as they clearly have work to do.

After Hawkins was fired didn't AC (or another player) say that Miller's hands were tied when it came to calling plays or something like that?

If the staff indeed had time off, that would be a HUGE deciding factor in this!

Didnt Popp go on a vacation right after one of the worst offensive performances in recent Als history (if not CFL) in the week 2 loss to WPG :?
Doesn`t set a good example.

Your right, especially now that we know that there was a problem with the HC right there during camp but an employee with 17 years of loyal and successful service has earned privileges. The GM job is also a year round job where the coaching staff in Montreal are only asked to work 7-8 months a year.

What we are about to see now is the other half of this picture. Can AC still play? Trestman is gone and that's just the way it is. Now they are giving him Berry who's had success with AC before and since with two other quarterbacks (Glenn and Durant). There should be a steady progression as the season progresses, if there isn't then the team will have to decide for next season if they want to a) stick with an over the hill QB or b) go in another direction and rebuild around a young QB.

Yeah, that's what they're saying now. Personally, I don't buy it, because if you want to untie Miller's hands, why make Berry his "overseer" on offense after firing Hawkins? I think the "hands were tied" thing is saving face for Miller, whom the org evidently likes but who isn't ready to run a CFL offense on his own. So this way his dignity is preserved. He's still OC in name, even though Berry has final say on the offense, and perhaps the training wheels will come off next season for him.

I recognize that AC hasn't played well this year but he also hasn't been put in a position to succeed.
Totally agree with you on AC. Game after game I watched Anthony harried, harassed, and hurried - or sacked. What happened to the protection he was once afforded? Tony isn't a rushing QB - never was, never will be. Hopefully, we will now see him get back to doing what he does best - throwing great passes and winning games.

If Popp's got a cell phone, he can still do his job while on vacation if something comes up regarding a player becoming available. Otherwise his assistant can cover, and it's not like the team will miss the GM for a few days in their day to day preparations.

A head coach who is not doing very well probably should realize that going on vacation is not good for their job security.

To add to already great points…Popp is not in his first year with the franchise, and has brought them much success. He is not on proving grounds.