Hawkins is clueless

I was at the game last night and was carefully watching the interaction between Hawkins and his players. Judging from the body language of many of the players they have no confidence in this man. His reputation at Colorado is terrible, yet Popp decided on this man to lead the Alouettes. Now we all know that when there is change, there will be an adjustment for the players to adapt to their new coache's personality and system, but the man has already lost his team. Can you imagine what some of the veterans are saying about him when they are among themselves ? Anthony Calvillo is a class act, I have met him several times and this man is genuine, I good family man and a great competitor, when he is outspoken as he was last week following the loss you know there is trouble in that lockeroom. I predicted before the season started that Hawkins would last 2 seasons at best, well it looks like 1 will be it for him. Oh, they will fire Miller after they lose next week, but it will not change a thing. Hawkins cannot coach period.

The thing I dislike about Hawkins, beyond his smarmy cliché, is the fact that even with a phalanx of assistant coaches and no real role in running the offense, he still can't manage the game well enough to challenge the London non-catch. That's pathetic. What exactly does he do on the sidelines? He doesn't call plays; he doesn't seem involved in the Xs and Os of the game. But he can't even keep control of the basic elements of game management.

Miller won't last the month, but I'm not sure Hawkins will last the season.

He sure does have the "Deer in a Headlight" expression down pat ! :wink:

Welcome to the CFL Hawkins, this ain't INTRAMURALS football!

LOL, no kidding.

Hi. Rider Fan here. I've been talking about this Hawkins "creature" for about 2 weeks now with fans in most other CFL cities because I can't believe anyone in any league would seriously hire him! I completely agree with all your comments and hopefully Mtl can dump him/them (Popp too?) and get back to where you belong in 1st place (in the East that is :slight_smile: ) Good Luck!!

Not easy. Our owner is on the hook for around a million to DAHawk and probably a quarter mill for MIller and Speckman is a friend of theirs. So you have 1.5 million tied into those two creatures.

HfxTC you would think so on those numbers, but from what I heared and it's a pretty good source the Hawk wanted the job real bad and signed for 250,000 per year. He's got major bonus in his contract if he wins the East and the Cup that would up him to the 400,000 range, but I don't think you guys will be paying out that bonus this year

Based on the performance so far, Hawkins and Miller should be paying the owner Wettenhal back! :wink: