Hawkins gone Popp in

Well that didn’t take long. And they thought Sask was trigger happy a few years back.

This wasn't a decision undertaken lightly. I stand behind it and support Popp and Wetenhall for not being afraid to pull the trigger and admit that Hawkins was a bad hire.

Wow but maybe not all that surprising as you say.

Non-Als fans may not understand just how clueless this guy was, besides being an arrogant s.o.b. in the Bart Andrus mold. First of all, he barely had anything to do. Popp gave him a massive staff and he had no involvement in designing the offensive playbook or calling the plays. His actual responsibilities, besides the behind-the-scenes admin that every HC has to take care of, were:

Run practice
Manage the game (challenges, timeouts, gambles, etc.)
Talk to the media

On all three fronts, he was a resounding failure. He couldn't max out practice time to the fullest for each unit, he couldn't manage the game (see the brutal third-and-1 gamble from our own 30 a few weeks back), and he was nothing but arrogant and dismissive to the media.

Way too early to fire a coach.
Probably had a lot to do with an unhappy AC?

So there is a fixed date for firing coaches? Uh, okay. Why wait until our season goes completely down the drain? If you trust your evaluative ability, fire the coach exactly when it needs to be done and not five games from now, when the season may be out of reach.

5 games out in the East division, where it is winning by default since there Hamilton and Winnipeg are awful?
That makes sense?

Yup, it does.

We have a brutal second third of the season coming up and we've already dropped two home games.

We haven't even played Hamilton yet, no telling how we'll shape up against them.

Most importantly, a good GM isn't afraid to admit his mistakes and make a change based on his evaluation of the coach, not on the wins and losses. The 2-3 record is very deceiving, if you look at how we performed in those five games.

Looking back on the Bart Andrus era, no, Toronto didn't fire him this early, but in hindsight, they SHOULD have! But they stuck with him and wasted too much of that season...

I agree that Hawkins was a bad hire to begin with... he had no clue how the CFL worked... he should have hired assistants that were at least familiar with the CFL... and then be on a learning curve. I thought he might get half a season, that is why thought Reed would be fired first.

Not overly shocking, but coming of a win, it would seem that Popp likely watched practice and was like...nope...he's gone

You don't go on holiday when your building something and "YOU CARE".
Hawkins fired himself.

Hawkins looked like a deer in the head lights from day one IMO. Should be another reminder to Marcel Desjardins in Ottawa to forget looking at US Coaches that haven't worked first as CFL assistants. For every Trestman there are ten Hawkins.

In fairness to Toronto, the GM at the time didn't have the same kind of credibility that Jim Popp has. Popp has had a very long run of success in Montreal, and he's earned the right to go to the owner and say "yeah, I screwed this up."

Full marks for being unafraid to pull the trigger, but not every GM can do this and keep their own job.

TSN article. According to that, it was Wetenhall who made the decision and asked Popp to step up and coach.

Not sure about that since Popp wasn't exactly a great coach the last time he tried, but if the staff is capable then he should just need to manage it. So maybe it'll work out.

Are you sure? The article says Wetenhall asked Popp to step in, but that's a bit ambiguous. Popp could have fired Hawkins and then had Wetenhall say, "You step in; I'm not paying for another coach with Hawkins still on the books." A firing like this could not have been made without Popp being heavily involved IMO.

No, I’m not sure. :slight_smile: Depends how you read it I guess.

Yeah, I'm not sure either. :slight_smile: I just find it difficult to believe that the owner would step in and fire the HC. Wetenhall has never been that kind of owner. He lets Jim run the show for the most part. Without any evidence to back me up, my gut feeling is that Jim made the recommendation to Wetenhall about Hawkins needing to be fired, and the two of them likely agreed on Jim as the interim replacement at least for now.

Yeah that makes perfect sense. It interests me that Wetenhall made the statement to TSN, too.

Wow. Kind of puts a new spin on "By" week.

Clever :lol: