Having Problems

I hope im not alone on this but when I try to open the Cfl.ca home page not even half of it will load and to get to the forum I need to search for it on google. Anyone else experience something like this or slow navigating. Also there's a little window that keeps poping up saying that the webpage contains errors.

I always have Done but with errors on page written on the bottom but it does not interfere with anything. Many times the words home news the game were not clickable and I could not get in there.

A suggestion for you
Once you get to the forum page set it as a favorite and come in that way. I do it like that and never have problems getting to the forum.

I know what your problem is. Your browser does not have the flash plug-in. If you go to the macromedia flash websitre i am sure you can find one for your browser. I had this problem many many many times this summer trying to come here on library and internet cafe computers.

I have (or maybe its had because i’ve had some computer problems lately. my computer really hasnt been a friend of mine for a while) the flash plug in. I’ll try checking it out though. Thanks