Having Made The Playoffs, Tiger-Cats Aiming At Next Step

HAMILTON, Ont. -- Do not step on the tiger.

It will cost you 25 push-ups if your foot touches the Hamilton Tiger-Cats logo stitched into the dressing room carpet. Being a rookie does not excuse the offence, and amnesty is usually only granted to visitors following a volley of heated barking from the assembled veteran watchdogs.

"It's disrespectful," long-time Ticats defensive back Jykine Bradley said. "There ain't no more walking over the Tiger-Cats.

"That time has passed. It's over with."

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Great article, I like the enthusiasm

There's a lot of confident quotes from players lately.
A large part of the credit should got to MB, Marshall and football ops. When players feel like they're being led properly , given a chance to succeed and feel a part of something strong it breeds confidence and thus quotes like this.

I heard these same predictions 2 years ago, it's nothing new, every team in the league thinks they're going to the Grey Cup right now.

No better time than the present to have a positive attitude going into the season.
CATS eat em raw!

You heard Ti-Cats talking about Grey Cup and sounding this confident two years ago ? Missed those quotes but would love to read 'em.

Completely different feeling surrounding this team right now and it can be summed up as confidence. Not the usual optimistic cliches everybody says before a year starts which I believe you're referring to.

The stuff some Hamilton players are saying is almost bulletin board material .Confident bordering on cocky. So rare in these parts. I ,for one , welcome it.

Could not agree more Zontar

I laughed when I read that, but it's a good point :thup: :thup:
Act the part, and you are more likely to get the part. 8)

Sure. But some have more confidence they can back it up. And that's where this team is at right now - it's a good thing.