Having a running game versus not...

Last night's game brought into focus the one major concern I have for this team and that is a complete lack of a running game.

I know Tommy Condell's offense is pass first, second and third and then the very poorly disguised running play possibly next. I also realize that our best back was hurt but then again so were Montreal's.

The way that Montreal was able to control the field and the clock with many different running plays was one of the major reasons why we lost. With a slow start we never had the time to recover. Marsh only had to manage the game with short to medium gains on the run and then the odd pass. I sure wish we were able to do that...

The balance in the game plan is astonishingly different with Gable in and out of the lineup. We must be able to come up with a game plan that can utilize other players speed and then use those plays in a balanced running attack that is not so obvious. I'm sure most fans saw the sweeps to Sinkfield and Banks before the snap. There was also a complete lack of runs up the gut.

I am hoping to a return of balance with C.J. back in the mix but I would really love to see that with our current roster. Waiting until personnel are healthy will take away from our chances to win in the near term.

I must also give credit to the Montreal front seven - they played a solid game.

amen to that.

Its a lack of trying that keeps buggin me every week (last night we likely couldn't due to all the penalties) a team that put up as many first half points as this team has should have more attempts imo

What gets me is everyone gets on TC about his pass happy Playbook and say all the Cats do is pass but I wonder did those same people watch the Game in Riderville when CJ got 135 on the ground ?
Yes you can be pass happy if you have no RB well how about play Grigsby over Holley , Grigs had 4 carries Last Week and got more running yards than Holley had in 4 games
IF there is no threat of Running the D can pin there ears back and get after the QB
Lets get a good RB to back up CJ and Nic and send Holley here i need an A/C installed

Austin thinks he can win on Collaros's arm and it's not hard to see why, given the results so far and the weapons Collaros has to throw to. I never thought I'd see a CFL coach who was more allergic to running the ball than Trestman but Austin really is that guy. :smiley:

What may change Kent's mind is the health of the O-line. We saw what happened on Thursday night when Bomben went down and an inexperienced second-year player had to step in against a pressure defense. If the line runs into more injury trouble, Austin/Condell (Austell? Condin?) may be forced to go to the ground just to keep Collaros upright. With the way QBs have been dropping this year, you don't want to take any chances with your marquee player.

What second-year player was that? If you mean Tim O'Neill, he's been in the league for ages. Maybe TOO MANY ages, but he is by no means a sophomore player...

Ah, my bad. But wasn't O'Neill playing in the game already? Did he go from backup to starter, or did he have to slide to Bomben's position, leaving another spot to be filled by a backup?

When Bomben went down early(ankle) in the 1st qtr, It had a huge impact on our O-line!
An impact that added up to 6 sacks and and a total of 29yrds rushing.(our QB's had 14 of them)
We need Bomben and Gable to be back soon, Until then, there will be problems

@dandp - O'Neill has been a backup/rotation player all year. When Bomben was injured, he simply went directly to Bomben's position, IIRC.

Thanks for that. OK, so O'Neill not a rookie, but Bomben's absence was clearly felt.

The sign of a good team is the next man up process. The Cats have a reasonable amount of backup D Linemen, however the O Linemen is a bit thin. As far as the running back situation, I like Grigsby over Holley. I prefer a running back that has more athletic skills over both of them. NFL cuts are due in the next week or so, and hopefully there is a diamond in the ruff. Hard to believe Rutley was a Tiger Cat and the brain trust let him go. As previously stated in other posts, Austin and Condell need to respect the value of the run plays.

Why is it that running backs don’t last long in Hamilton? Is it something in the air or water, I haven’t seen another team with so many injuries at running back and it’s not just the current players.

Take a look at past players Jerome Messum in Hamilton he was injury prone and apparently his career was over but in Regina he excels, Brandon Rutley same thing in Hamilton not great, yet in Montreal he excels, so what gives?

I think a good winning offence has a balanced attack of a run game and pass to be successful in the CFL otherwise defences will shut you down pretty quick.

Messam is an ex-Cat? I didn't know that. I thought the teams he'd played for before SSK were Edmonton, BC, and Montreal.

There shouldn't be any reason for HAM RBs getting injured, particularly given that Austin runs the ball so infrequently so it's not like they're taking a huge pounding from enemy defenses. Keep in mind, too, that Rutley is getting a chance in Montreal in some part because Sutton has taken a pounding in recent weeks (and had to be held out of the HAM game due to wear and tear).

If we can't put together a decent running game, we should at least have something in the playbook to keep the defense honest. A few quick hitch passes to the wide-outs, a screen pass or two and some quick, short passes over the middle to make the linebackers play off a bit.

Right now, teams can send the front seven on a blitz every play. It is not the fault of the O-line, they are outnumbered 7 to 5 on those blitzes.


Maybe d'n'p is thinking of Edmonton's Kendial Lawrence who I believe was here, for awhile, a couple of years ago.

That was big cat's mistake, not mine.


I am hoping to a return of balance with C.J. back in the mix but I would really love to see that with our current roster. Waiting until personnel are healthy will take away from our chances to win in the near term.

I love CJ but I've sort of lost hope in seeing him healthy for a full season. It's a shame because he is so talented. We need a big bruising back who can stay healthy. The last one he had only like that was Ronald Williams.

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:lol: [b]It's always someone else's fault, right?[/b] :wink:

Balanceis the key word here, particularly off balance Keep your opponent off balance with a balanced attack of passing and running plays. Banks is not built to run plays out of the backfield, he needs space to run so let the thoroughbred loose, pass plays down the field is the order of the day for him. Grigsby is a great running back, in my opinion, but he needs blocking, didn't see much of that. CJ may have a better skill-set but he needs men in front as well. Our defense is solid, our o-line needs work ....balance again. If we can ever figure out how to get the balance between our offense and defense, running and passing, with special teams thrown into the mix, this team, with the players we have, would be almost unstoppable.

Why are we not using Grigsby? Sinkfield(a receiver) had almost as many caries and Collaros was our leading rusher, with only 12 yards. How is this acceptable? When Gable was the RB, he was handed the ball on a consistent basis and had 100+ yards.
How can you fault Grigsby when he only gets the ball 3 time? THREE TIMES…are you kidding me???