Have your expectations for Riders changed?

I suspect that like me a lot of fans had fairly high expectations for the Riders this season. We were losing Fantuz for at least half a season, but signing Gauthier gave us a quality NI left tackle and allowed us to replace Fantuz with a quality import receiver if we needed to. I also thought our O-line would be pretty good with a lot of savvy proven veterans, and for the most part, I think they have been pretty solid. I could see Geno and Goodspeed leaving before too long, but I think we have some quality young guys in waiting to replace one or both of them. I also thought a veteran coaching staff would bring good things to this team. We knew with Congi out for at least half a season the kicking game could be a little iffy, but we shored up our ST coaching with the addition of Coach Dickenson. Then came some key injuries to Bagg and Koch which depleted our experienced receiving corps. Then Wheelwright got hurt and Nunn is still struggling to be as good in games as he is in practice. Then Hawkins gets hurt and our pass rush takes a big hit. That's a lot of stuff for a team to fix and overcome.

At 1-6 I've become more realistic and toned back my expectations for this season. I think the O will improve with healthy receivers coming back and maybe Fantuz back, and some of the new receivers could be keepers down the road. If something major happens with our pass rush like Chick or some other new find, the D could also turn the corner after Labour Day. So yes, my expectations are toned back for now, but I remain hopeful that this team will improve with a few key additions and a little more time getting used to the new coaches and players. I don't think gutting this team or coaching staff will cause any magic turnaround this season, but everyone better be prepared to step up and prove to fans that they deserve to be here next season. We are all looking for improvement on the field as we hang in there in the stands. Thanks to BC and Toronto we still have a shot at making the playoffs and I remain hopeful that this can still happen.
With 2 games each with Toronto and BC, and 3 of those at home, I think we need at least 3 wins there. If we could beat Hamilton back here, miraculously get a split with Winnipeg, squeeze out a win each in Calgary in Edmonton, that would be everything I could wish and hope for the rest of the way. If this happens, I guess that makes 7 more wins for an 8-10 record.
That's about as much as this optimistic, glass-half-full guy can hope for this season. What do you think, everyone?

i had them pegged at 6 wins so....

DD has been posting a lot of positive messages on his Facebook page since the loss against Calgary on the weekend -- likely to rally the troops and deserving of kudos. I'm sure he knows that the game down the street on Thursday will make or break the Riders' chances of making the playoffs this year; if we can't win against Toronto as they are in their current state, we have little hope of winning the latter challenges with Winnipeg, Calgary and Hamilton.

I think we need to set our sights on 3rd place or cross over. As long as we are peaking going into the playoffs, we could still go all the way. Anything goes in the playoffs, just like in the NHL.

3rd place yeah...crossover, I am not so sure. Hamilton already has 4 wins, and we would need to finish ahead of them. Hamilton should finish with 8 wins or better, meaning we would need 9.

It is more likely that TO could cross over, seeing as that are tied with the Riders and BC.

3rd place yeah...crossover, I am not so sure. Hamilton already has 4 wins, and we would need to finish ahead of them. Hamilton should finish with 8 wins or better, meaning we would need 9.

It is more likely that TO could cross over, seeing as that are tied with the Riders and BC.

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there won't be a cross over from the West.

the East? maybe..

The way I see we can guarantee ourselves a playoff spot if we win 4 more games - 2 against BC and 2 against TO.

Not yet they haven't.

Instead of first, we'll fight for, and get the crossover.

I've said this too many times already, but I expect Miller to become interim OC. It has been mentioned he may have the added duty of assistant HC also. Makes perfect sense with all things considered.

The Offense will have somewhat a fresh look for the last 9. And All will come together for the playoffs....

that would be sweet to see Miller as OC, and train a new guy up...get him into the system. One of the big flaws in how the Riders hire is that they don't seem to promote within. this is an aspect they really need to improve on in the future.When Austin left there was continuity because Miller moved to HC. This at least helped with the OC, but now that continuity is broken. I wish more clubs that were having success would look at internal promotions.

as for the crossover, well, that would be cool, but, lets say the Cats go 3-8 to finish the season (which I think they will do better than that). This would put them at 7-11. The Riders would need to finish at 8-10, meaning they need to go 7-4 to finish the season. Can the Riders go 7-4...maybe, will they do better...signs say no. Will the Cats get 3 or more wins...most likely. Remember, season series means nothing in a crossover, you must finish ahead of the 3rd place team from the other division.

Well I predicted 6 to 8 wins at the beginning of the year ...

Same here...I also said fighting for 3rd. Perhaps our expectations were to high lol

No kidding.

But on the positive note, they are nowhere near eliminated yet. Two wins against the Argos this month will put them in great shape. It is possible. Look at BC the past 2 years. 1-7 last year and had a very strong finish.

They'll just have to take it one game at a time. Just stay loose, stay focused and make as many plays as they can.

It's possible. I believe. The Riders that played in Week 4, that's the team that they need to be. That team is a pretty darn good team. Bring the intensity like that. They can do it.

Will they? That's another question, but Can they? I believe.

Watching TO kick our butts, yes my expectations are 3 wins.

I like you attitude, and totally agree with it. Good on you!!

Me three :slight_smile: