Have you renewed your seasons tickets for 2018

We decided to re-new our seasons tickets (7 years now)for 2018 yesterday to take advantage of the extra discount.Needless to say we are very disapointed with our team but are willing to stick it out at least for 2018.Like most of you we believe Reed must go and Andrew has to let the new DG have full control.We were optomistic at the beggining of the 2017 season having a ‘‘seasoned QB’’ and Ernest Jackson added to the team along with Chappy as HC but it didn’t take long for that optimisum to disapear with the moves Reed made.I am not asking for a GC winning team every year but at least a team that gives us something to chear for.

You have to be commended for yourwillingness to put money on this lame horse.
But one has to ask a serious question. Why would Wetenhall grant your wish: Reign in his son and pay to get rid of Reed if fans like yourselfhand over their money the very same day the team puts up its worse and most embarrassinggame in history???

It will be extremely interesting to see how many of you there are out there.

I gave my tickets up years ago but I’m sure the 14 phone calls will come again. There is no nfl quarterback no other teams cfl garbage leftovers that can save this team. Someone needed to be groomed aka Mitchell...that was all thrown to the trash when Calvillo would still be in games up 46-2 in the 4th quarter.

I am and always will be a fan of the Als. I see a couple of games each year. My issue is that I have to drive from Kingston, ON. I actually think it might be something to try as a pilot project to have bus shuttles from certain cities. I would recommend that half of the bus riders (e.g. 25) be season ticket holders in order for the shuttle to worth the team's effort.

Montreal has no regional pull outside of the burbs. Quebec City and above is Rouge et Or territory. l'Outaouais is Redblack territory.

Hats off to you. Admire your commitment despite the owners unwillingness to do what is right by the fans.

Until any type of serious management change is done to rebuild with serious qualified management, I along with several buddies will continue to watch from the comfort of the den.
We use to go to at least two home games (or more) a season after giving up our season tickets.
Opted not to go this season.

As I said in another thread, in the real world Reed and company would be packing up their desks after such a dismal performance.
I wish I had such job security.

After that press conference I am really stoked about next season...NOT!!!

Kavis said his plan was a home playoff game. To land so, so far off the mark and to keep your job is mind-boggling and points to the unwillingness for Andrew Wetenhall to admit his mistake and pay for it from his wallet.

You had to watch and read the lips on reporters exiting the presser. The Als are doomed.

As you said in another thread, at least Joey Saputo had the decency (and mid section) to be at the end of season press conference. Taking the questions and that he would be taking steps to move in another direction.

After nineteen years we are not renewing. For a variety of reasons.

A man of few words....They must be important.


The train is half price in the summer used it but I did spend the night and looked for a deal . Not sure there is enough Als fans in K town for a shuttle maybe Cornwall .