Have you reached your limit?

Just when you thought they were improving, the Cats appear to be taking a nose dive.

says who? the score doesn't indicate how they played tonite.i thought overall we are improving, except for the mistakes and penalties.

Have you reached your limit.......

On starting STUPID polls?????

No, they improved yet again.

Less penalties, and Maas throwing for 66% and 341 yards and a good game from the receivers.

BTW, your poll question contradicts your title question.

Referring to the title of this thread - yes, I am. I have reached my limit with you, and a few others on this site.

I'm cheap, I paid for the season and I'm not paying that money to throw the tixaway. I'll be at the game but I won't be very nice if Maas plays

Just telling it like it is.

As a couple of the people already said, they are improving. The defence looks solid for the most part, but our biggest problem is we can't seem to get over the goal line. Maybe we need to fake one of those up close field goals.

Reality check -up until tonight's game, I said that same thing. They did look like they were improving and there was hope. After the second quarter, they were in the game albeit, all credit to Setta. The way they finished the game, it looked like some of the players threw in the towel. As for Maas, I'd be lying if I said he played well. He continues to hit the short passes; gets sacked when he should be throwing the ball away; and he throws up ducks when the pass is more than 20 yards. If the coaching staff continue to start him, don't be surprised if the Cats go 0-for.

From were I was sitting it seemed the Cats showed improvement again. They moved the ball well and were in the this game. (Setta didn't kick them all from his own 20) The Cats are improving. Last time I coached the red zone was the toughest area for the offense and often the last to come together on a rebuilding team.

I think Mass will be continue to improve as will the rest of the team but, would love to see Chang come in with the odd "special play" designed to use Changs talent and throw a bit of a curve ball at the other team.

Oh well, loses are disapointing, but I can't say I expected the Football Fairy to fix this mess overnite. Hopefully a win next week.

Maybe sprinkling Fairy Dust around IWS might work.

Sounds like a good plan for you diehard malcontents

if you can find where you put that old tutu
that you wore in your grade school musical.

Through Bad and good I will be There.
I must admit I am tired of Bad
When will I see some good…

i wish i could see the game every week. Real hard when CFL broadband doesnt work that well