Have you ever wondered where they are now?

Hi everyone,

I've always been curious to know what CFL players pursue after their playing days are over and where they are today. I've read that 10 years in the CFL is the average playing 'lifespan'. So I figured, okay what happens then? Many already have careers during the off season. For example, Ryan Phillips who played most of his CFL career with the B.C. Lions is a high school teacher in the off season. No doubt he'll continue along those lines when he retires.

Khalif Mitchell, played for the Lions for a few years and played for a couple of other teams. Notoriety came and his character was nothing short of "colorful". [No pun intended.] He received game suspensions for making outspoken comments received a fine for a couple of throat slashing gestures while on the line. His explanation for what he was really doing makes for interesting reading. I found this interesting given the fact that he has a degree in "Communications."

Where is Khalif now? Rumor has it that he may be signing with SSK or Toronto.

If I'm not mistaken Jason Cleremont who played for the Lions and finished his career I believe in SSK went on [or continued with] with a career as a SSK realtor.

One of my favorites is Shawn Gore of the B.C. Lions. He was a sensational receiver for the Lions and after recently retiring joined the Vancouver Police Department. I've often wondered if I were stopped for speeding if he'd let me off if I told him he was my favorite player to watch as a receiver. It's worth a try.

Below is a cool link I came across telling what many other players are doing now. If you have some updates about other players, recent or of the vintage past please share them with the rest of us. A link or two would be nice.



Under the Doug Flutie write up, they forgot one major item.

He was the color guy on the UFL on Versus. 2009 and 2010