Have you bought your ECF tickets?

Curious how many fans have already purchased their tickets to BMO for the ECF.

I was canvasing the fans around my area last night. A few said they have bought their tickets, but the majority said they were waiting until we beat Montreal next week.

In my mind, it's Grey Cup or bust. We have our three tickets purchased behind the 'Cats bench.

Oskee Wee Wee!

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Bought ours too.
Fully expect this team to be there.

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I want to attend the East Final in Toronto on Dec. 5th. Am I taking a chance on getting tickets as a walk up to the box office on the day of the game?

depends, if you need a few thousand it may be tight. Otherwise you will be fine.


Of course you'll be fine.

It is an interesting gauge to see whether or not fans are waiting to see if they actually beat Montreal before buying tickets.

See many in the fanbase "sure" they are going to beat Montreal. But I don't see it formally when speaking to friends/fans. They are mainly saying I'll wait until we see if Hamilton actually beats Montreal.

These are the same fans that are sure we will be heading to Grey Cup....clearly not so sure.

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Bought my plane ticket but haven't gotten the game ticket (yet)....going to both the ECF and GC games...