......small crowd.....but we were loud and proud....I think the team has finally showed that 09 isn't quite a write-off yet....in fact depending on how the leos game goes....we could be right in it....Good solid performance by the d....Ricky was thrown completely off his game....Hefney was a monster....and Bishop got it done....particularily the play where he thre for six to Bowman...but could of easily wqalked in himself....That's an unselfish play that gets marks....take note Armstrong...Simpson and other ex-Bombers....that's how team play goes...I guess if we were the laughing stock.....wasa does that make the esks... :lol: :lol: GoBigBlue....

Bombers can now catch Ticats, let them worry about the cross over.

It always pains me to say this but GO STAMPS! Stamps beat the Ticats tomorrow and we'll be going into Hamilton next week 2 points out of second in the East!

Your QB has not ever had a good 3 games in Row
Hamilton has only 2 games at Home ..
I'll take the ticats over Bombers
Put Pressure on Mike and He fold like a Cheep tent..

Has yours???

Mighty Mo (mentum) just might be on our side for once...GO BLUE

21,965 TRUE...BLUE...LOUD N PROUD FANS! And we all went home pretty dang happy!

So happy for this team. So happy for Jovon Johnson, he SOOO deserved that TD return!

The defense was great, a special teams TD and the offense did enough despite the dropsies by the receivers.

That's two in a row where the Bombers didn't let their mistakes turn the tide of the game. The are gaining confidence now and look like they are ready to make a run down the stretch.

What do you think housedog ?

Turned the corner to respectability I think so. Kelly has finaly got it through is thick head that he is a rookie and doesnt know everything. He even thanked the fans last night. So as much as you've beat people like me and housedog. The message from fans is getting his attention.

Kelly does not have confidence in Bishop yet and I don't blame him. However he want's "Trust" He will have to show the same.

As I mentionned months ago. Bishop has all the tools and with play action he can be very, very effective. He hasn't run yet not sure why but if he decides to get that part of his body and game going. He becomes very problematic for opposing defenses.

So your Bomber's are still alive and let's hope they prevent the humiliating crossover...


Kelly does not have confidence in Bishop yet and I don't blame him.

Did he say that??? :?

He used expressions like "at times he made good desicions" and 'heart in my throat". Bishop's performance since he left the Argos has been erratic so he will need to get that resolved. Really it is all in Bishop's hands. Joseph was in a similar situation with the Riders and than he went and won a GC. If Bishop wants to grab the starter's position long term with the Bombers he just needs to go out and win some games. Looks like Matsakis is willing to let Bishop have the type of plays that suit him.

Excellent post.

Kelly is finally learning how to conduct himself like a professional: admitting his mistakes, delegating effectively, treating fans & media with some respect, and adjusting his schemes instead of stubbornly going with what's not working.

....I think the Cats can start looking over their shoulder as of now....the last 2 games involving these teams will have a definite urgency about them...and will probably be the telling tale for each clubs' season..... :rockin: :wink:

okay, but Bishop didn't really have a good game. it was simply good enough.

your quarterbacks aren't exactly great, either.

Just reread the post, you were drinking last night weren't you papa :lol:

But Glen is better anything you have .
I was Ticats would start him

...I'VE GOT TO CUT BACK.....on the Gibsons Finest during these games...it's wrecking my posts.... :lol: :lol: :lol: HOWEVER it's great for the game experience... :lol: :lol: :thup:

I am glad they are winning. However win or lose the Bombers have lost a lot of fan base. Kelly shoot off his big mouth with the support of Bauer and insulted the fans calling them names. The gate shows it with less tha 22,000. FP states this has not happened for 10 years. Even if BB win all their games the attendance will not improve dramatically. The removal of Bauer and Kelly will go a long way of fixing the attendance issue. Otherwise look for a big finacial lose for this year. What is also a concern ,it will be very hard to sign free agents next year with Kelly being the boss.

He is always drinking. That's nothing new and he admits it. Like's whiskey drinking and that spells trouble.

I used to drink but had to give it up, can you imagine me with alcohol :twisted:

Mousedog...you're so wrong...and so repetitive...sigh...
Are you a sports agent now? As well as business guru? All the players you represent telling ya they don't wanna play for Kelly, even if he's winning??? See, I don't know if you happened to see the Edmonton game, so I'll let ya in on something that's obvious...the players that are here now, they love being here...please go back under your rock...