Have we turned the corner?

Remember when the Cats were winning (mid sixties on), but ya just knew, that underneath, the org. was kinda flimsy. The solid foundation wasn't there - they had no marketing plan (generalization), and we lost maybe 1.5 generations of fans. Attendance fell, and we all silently faced the possibility that the Cats may, someday not be there. Not to mention the rubber hot dogs, and pigeon shyte. Fast forward to the Bob Young era, and suddenly we had money - more money then perhaps anyone in the league. When had that ever happened in The Hammer? The foundation was still shakey, but the money allowed time, so that the education could take place and now, the pieces are in place to really grow this thing! I can confidently say that we, holistically, have turned the corner. We may not preserve our record and win the Grey Cup this year, but I am more confident then ever that we are on the path to consistently great Tiger Cat Football again! An experience like no other!!! Oskie Wee Wee.

Turned Corner To me that means ever part of this Team is a Success
From the who guy Cleans The Locker room to The Owner..
I say we are close to turning but still not there
They team is not selling out
We still in the Red
we are Lucky Bob has deep Pockets.
we are not winning Grey cups

But there hope now .. and when hope there light

No. Turning the corner is simply when you begin to head in the other direction. What you have described would be more like driving down hill.

p.s. Checked your blog and all it is are press releases. I'll come to ticats.ca for press releases. Lets get some opinion Onknight.

I Waiting till camp to give my thought on my blog ..
Then kick into high gear and you won't be able to shut me up till our season is over.
right now I am just Releasing Press Releases Till we go to camp

No, we havent' turned the corner yet.

This is just a repeat of the last few off seasons with player and coaching turnover that followed a disastrous season.

Right now, it is just more of the same.

Any "cornrer turning" will coincide with winning games. It's that simple.

We still have to play 18 games this year to determine if we have turned the corner.

All signs point to us doing it but so did the last 3 offseasons.

I wouldnt mind us getting another RB. Kenton Keith hasn't done anything yet, he may but you never know, Terry Caulley is good but what if he gets injured again? tre smith is like Edgerin James more agility then speed so he's a first down RB not a Touchdown RB. Havent seen Andre Callender or Andre Sedeghian here and John WIlliams seems to be ineffective. Maybe we should try for Charles Roberts, I believe he's still a free agent.

Huh? What happened to all the great moves Obie made that have the Tabbies turing the corner.

Now you take the "wait and see" attitude that others have? The very same stance that you labelled as pessismistic and criticised other posaters for? What gives?

we have a light at the end of the tunnel only time will tell

That describes our position very well. The "corner" looms just ahead of us. I will consider it turned based on the teams performance this coming season.

Go Cats!!!

Yes!. :thup:


I think the ticats are making notable progress. They've changed from a run heavy team with weak defence to a pass first team with strengthening defense. Our coaching staff is definitely getting stronger as well. People are tired of: "Lumsden on the carry, 6 yard gain. Lumsden on the carry 5 yard gain first down. Lumsden on the carry 21 yard gain and TD. next drive Smith on the carry 7 yard gain. Caulley on the carry first down." People like it more as: "Prechae Rodriguez with the reception, 47 yards and a touchdown! Chris Davis with a spectacular catch! first down!Chris Bauman! A beauty of a catch for a 15 yard TD!"

Charles Roberts ??? Give me a break he's injured and washed up.
Don't worry "cheesegod" KK is the real deal, you'll see this summer. The guy is talented.

K. Don’t go getting all defensive, all I’m saying is with the way the ticats get injured it’d be good to have another prize RB. The less to stop us from winning this season the better.

Thats not necessarily true. What I like to hear at the end of the game is "And the Ticats win over..."...i dont necessarily care HOW it happened.

Running can only get you so far lol. Once every single one of your plays is a run play every team knows how to read you and thus you take a whoopin.

We quickly found that out a few games in and it ended up taking the entire season to make us better at passing offense to go along with our deadly rush attack.