Have we signed new kicker yet?

How long do you think it will take Marcel to sign a new kicker or at least audition some?

Do you think once one is signed we will be releasing one of ours or trading for something?

If we are going to have a kicking competition in camp, we need Boreham and Flemming to be a part of it.
Our new GM wants one person to do all of our kicking as his first choice.
If he can not find one person to do both jobs, he will have a seperate PK and punter. In either environment I do not see Boreham a part of the team next year.
Flemming is a least average as a punter, Boreham is below average as a PK and can not punt.

Going through the league punters and PK
Toronto is set at both spots
Montreal is set at both
B.C is set
Edmonton is set
Calgary is set
Winnipeg could use a punter
Sask could use a punter

Flemming could be of interest to Winnipeg, or Sask.in a trade.

I do not know what value Boreham would have to any team. I see him out of the league next year, and would be in demand only if a team had a kicker injury.

competition? bring in Dana Segin as well. hey why not the million dollar kicker from the 2005 contest

Mike Vanderjagt if not back in NFL..

i would like to see vanderjagt lol :slight_smile:

Vanderjagt screams Toronto.