Have we seen the last of C.Holmes?

According to this spec article, we may have seen the end of Corey Holmes'. If god wills it, he will become the next coach of an 0-11 football team! (Sounds like a case of the 07 ticats?)...anyways heres the link:


Whatever he wants to do, I dont think we've seen the last of him in the CFL though.

I certainly hope he'll be back.

Getting traded to Hamilton was the worst thing for his career. The last couple Ticat seasons have tanked alot of careers.

A superstar was traded to a team that didn't really have a place for him. When he got traded back to Sask, the RB position had been filled already. He was really a victim of circumstance.

It's a shame for the league to lose such a talent. It's baffling that nobody has a spot for this immensely talented player (I'm not interested in hearing from the nay-sayers about why hasn't he been picked up if he is so good).

On that note, I think Corey would be an incredible role model for young men. I'm sure he will be as much of an inspiration to them as he has been in the CFL. Best of luck to him :thup:

Corey a class dude. Everything gonna be aight!!


Yes! He didn't have the stats on our team. In fact he hardly even played on our team.

But you don't make the final running for Most Outstanding Player for nothing. In my opinion he should have got the nod over Allen that year. But as Jim Popp said, Allen was the sentimental favourite.