Have we Finally seen the last of Cleo Lemon?

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2010/09/27/15488531.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 88531.html[/url]

“Not too good,” Lemon said when asked how he was feeling. “I have a concussion. I am dealing with some issues right now. I will take a look at this week. I don’t know what the next step is, but I will talk to the training staff and see what (the prognosis) is.”

“It’s too early to tell,” Argos head coach Jim Barker said of Lemon’s status.

“He got knocked funny. Who knows? It could be nothing or it could mean that he is out for the year. I have no idea.”

the bolded part sounds pretty darn good to me…hopefuly never see him again!
12 games into the season, the guy is just as brutal as he was in the pre-season.
michael bishop v2.0

sheesh, give the guy a break will ya?

it's his first year in the CFL!.. he has never played it before.

he's had good and bad games in the season. you'd think that he was supposed to come out and look like Anthony Calvillo in his first season ever!?!

the guy has promise he just has some learning curves to go through like ANY other CFL QB and he will get better.

X2 :thup: Consider this drummer_god; Do think Toronto's record would be better/worse with Bell at the Helm? IMO; Could be the latter I say.

Stick with him for the season, if he shows promise down the stretch then by all means keep him around.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Argos 6-6 and tied for 2nd in the East? How many people expected the Argos to be at .500 right now? I agree with the others, stick with Lemon (unless he is injured). This is his first season. No one should've expected him to light it up. The funny thing is he's playing almost as well as Durant, but I don't hear anyone calling for his head. Lemon has a better completion percentage (62.8% to 60.0%), and their TD/INT ratios are pretty close (16/16 for Durant, 10/14 for Lemon).

Cleo Lemon sucks this year but it's his first year.If he still sucks in the next year or two, then you turf him.

Yeah, give the guy a break. Sometimes when you're given a lemon, you have to make lemonade :slight_smile:
Or was that the trainers who came out on the field when he was hurt - lemon-aid :lol:

bell looked better then cleo lemon in the pre-season, and deserved to be the starter. argos management / coaches had an agenda, and cleo was going to be 'their guy', regardless of which player was the better QB.

the argos are 6-6 with a lemon at QB, and probably would have been no worse than 6-6 with bell as thier starter.

much like bishop was 11-1 as toronto's starter in 2006, cleo lemon has benifited from those playing defence and special teams.

the thing about lemon, is, he has actually REGRESSED as the season has gone on.
he hit his peak when the argos upset the Als and found themselves 5-2. he has been terrible since then.

he either moves the chains, then throws a 'michael bishop', OR cant move the chains at all.

the argos are playing .500 football IN SPITE of their lousy QB.

he shows no agility, no ability to read defences, no composure under pressure, a habit of throwing 'bishops' in the red-zone, fumbles almost everytime he is hit, and IMO no potential to ever be more than he is right now; a LEMON.

Yeah he's 6-6, but last game if he throws a couple less interceptions he's probably 7-5. That was a completely beatable Edmonton team yesterday.

The problem is that the Argo offence has cost the team games. Is it fair to go after the guy in his first year? Probably not. But that's the way the business goes.

Did Argos get a Cadillac or Lemon?
While opposing defences have been putting the squeeze on Lemon, I’m not sure the Argos should sour on him yet. The team could give Lemon aid by cutting down on his reads and keeping a fullback in to block. But the bell could be ringing for the Argos season…just who is the real Lemon?

that was pretty good, xvys. :thup:

If almost as well is not 1200 less yards, 6 less TD's, almost 300 yards less rushing yards and 3 less rushing td's.

That being said I don't think Toronto should give up on Lemon. While Bell has a lot of potential, it's not like he has a tonne of experience either. Quite frankly I think it will be better for Bell to spend the rest of the year on the bench, getting his few reps in, but not having the whole thing on his shoulders.

To me Lemon looks like a so so qb, NFL or CFL, whatever but he is learning the game and seems to have the will to succeed so yes, have to give him and the team a few years, he's shown enough to justify that unless the Argos see someone else as no. 1 then he's a goner. But I don't know. Hey, I like him, he's just not used to the fast paced nature of the CFL game and that will take some getting used to. But seems to have the skills.

Lemon was solid for awhile to get this far with stats plus for Toronto to exceed all honest expectations as we saw here in the offseason, but now the Toronto offence has become too predictable and it's not all Lemon's fault in that regard.

With the right sets as used as I explained in the "Throw Back Tight End" thread, complete with video, of play-action passes and the clever use of screens mixed in as well as a legitimate deep threat next year and continued solid running game with a back like Boyd, Lemon and the Argos offence will be much better after only one season with him leading it.

They've ground this Lemon for about as much fresh-squeezed juice as he has for this season though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Las Vegas 1994
Games 17
Att 348
Comp 154
Comp % 44.3
Yards 2,582
TD 13
Interceptions 15
Rating 64.4

Mr. Calvillo's first year stats.

Cleo Lemon's

Games 12
Attempt 349
Comp 219
Comp % 62.8
Yards 2,666
TD 10
Interceptions 14
Rating 79.1

Looks a little better than Calvillo in his first season ever. And we all know how Calvillo turned out so maybe the kids not as hopeless as some want the world to believe. I'ld stick with him and see if he improves.

dcmoses, bear in mind that that was Calvillo's first professional season, whereas Lemon has been in the NFL almost continually since 2002 (sat out most of 2009). I would expect a bit more from a guy who's been down south for that long.

Looking at his NFL stats, he only needs to attempt 31 more passes this season to have more attempts in the CFL than in his entire NFL career.

I certainly wouldn't write him off. It's his first full season as a starter. Inconsistency comes with the territory no matter how many seasons a QB was on someone's PR or holding the clipboard on the sidelines.

Maybe we can work a trade out. Argos get Quinton Porter and we get...well I'm not really sure, but I'd be happy to see Porter go. In fact, I think Porter for Lemon isn't completely outrageous. Well then again it is Porter.

trade ya printers for porter.

If Dalton Bell starts that will be 5 consecutive games the Riders will face a former QB. Jyles twice, Burris, Glenn, and then Bell.