Have we ever tried....

....allowing the players from the championship team to have a day with the Grey Cup? The NHL champs get a day with the cup in the off season and it can draw a crowd. Maybe if we let the players showcase it to people in their hometown it could generate some interest for the league? Thoughts?

They do that already i think. Gene Makowsky Brought it to my highschool a few weeks ago.

Everyplayer gets it for a Day or so.

Whether or not it is the real one or the official fake one, I dont know

not true. They do not get it for a day. Some players do get it, if they request it, but the team only gets to keep the cup for so long, and most players don't get it, especially the ones that live out of town. Case in Point Scott Gordon wants to get it but is unlikely he will because it has been scheduled for so much here in Sask. There just isn't enpugh time.

but the point is that they can.

Yes, it is available for a few months after winning, you just have to ask your team for it. Of course, it has to stay close to home for the many players to enjoy it. You can't take it to Mexico for 2 weeks for example. Many Americans head South for the off-season and hence can't be bothered to take and return in a few days. Flutie took it home to Boston. Remember when Mike Vanderjagt took it to a party and someone stole it? LOL.

In BC, we just break it in half. 8) 8)

Give one half to one player, the other half to another. That way it gets through the team quicker! :lol: :lol: :lol: