Have we blown ANOTHER opportunity?

I just noticed that the Als are looking at, if not already have signed Dietrick to their roster.

Something is amiss here. The Alouettes are 5-0, have a great running-back in Edwards, yet go ahead & sign this kid.
The Cats, who are 1-5, have no running game (or little to show for), and are complacent at best to find a running game.

I don’t get it. The math does not add up, so what are we thinking?
Pls don’t tell me we have Ranek, etc. He has shown me nothing this year, & I find liitle to convince me otherwise.

And Dietrick is a Canadian, to boot.

I would like the Ticat brass to explain this one, please.

The Eagle (still looking to land) :? :? :?

No blocking = no running game.

We have tried all 3 RBs we signed this year, and so far - NOTHING.

Diedrick has to be a leg up on Aidoo . But maybe Diedrick wont play special teams or wont sit on the bench it`s hard to say .

It`s also funny that alot of people said Davis was done and here this RB that played in the NFL Diedrick is let go and Davis is still thier and is still the man in Edmonton . And he has a Grey Cup ring to boot !!!!

He's not exactly tearing up the league this year. And he wanted big bucks. Troy's a great guy, but not a dominant rusher (we have better). The issue is still blocking and play selection.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You me friend actaully understand this game. :thup:

Well said. We're fine at the RB postion.

We're not so fine at the O-line postions.

Correct as far as it goes. Is there something that can be done to improve the Olone? IMO yes. Bring in a blocking back on the majority of plays for one. Roll out more often secondly. Continue attacking the middle of the field as in the last game to back off the opposition LBackers

I think the "wait a few games and they'll gel" stance ONLY applies to the O-line. They are all generally young and/or new players. I've noticed a lot of improvement over the past few games in terms of pass blocking..so run blocking should hopefully follow.

But as for the topic of this thread...i really don't think we need another running back.