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i think this would be a better rivalry the bombers and the ticats as rivals cuz i hate to admit it but we were the 2 worst teams in the league but i can see a rivalry work

...THERE WAS A TIME.....ions ago...that TiCats and Bombers were head to head in the Grey Cup for consecutive years....they were keen rivals in the early sixties...coaches that disliked each other immensley as I remember ...Jim Trimble for the Cats...Bud Grant for the Bombers...two equally talented QBS...Kenny Ploen vs. Bernie Faloney... it was the makings for some great football...IF ..it returned to that type of rivalry again....that would be okay by me... :smiley:

So far, I'd say our acquisitions put us ahead of the game.

I'd like to see Hamilton and Winnipeg renew their old Grey Cup rivalry. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from 1984, when the Cats jumped out to an early 14-0 lead, and ended up losing the game 47-17. The Cats have played every other western team in the Grey Cup since (B.C. 1985; Edmonton 1986; Saskatchewan 1989; Calgary 1998, 1999.) Unfortunately I missed the whole 60s heyday of that rivalry, as I was too busy with other things, like birth, learning to walk, potty training, etc.

By the time they played in 1984, I just about that potty training thing down. :lol:

if you get a chance BigDave....look back through some of the press from those days....60's.....Bombers AND Cats had the CFL to themselves....quite a rivalry....I remember one quote from the ...then Hamilton head coach Jim Trimble..."we'll WAFFLE them and send them packing" ....it was enough incentive for the Bombers to beat a very good Ti-Cat club....and take the Cup that year.. then they went head to head for a couple more years.....who knows maybe the past will repeat... :roll:

well that sorta means that the esks and al's might go downhill cuz of their GC rivalry

w/o a doubt, Bombers rivals in the East are the Cats, but it's a friendly rivaly.


I've done a lot of reading about CFL history, papa, and my father used to talk about the rivalry between the two teams. Like sending each other's radio stations song parodies, so Hamiltonians could hear "Hang Down Your Head Jim Trimble" played over the air waves.

Those days would have been a lot of fun, and something I'd like to see return. Mind you, the two teams owned the Grey Cup for most of the decade, as you said, and based on last year's records, have a way to go to recapture that glory.

They may be on the right track, though... :smiley:

the 2006 grey cup i want the bombers and the stamps cuz i want the bombers to get revenge on them from the 2001 grey cup

For that to happen, one team would have to finish fourth and cross over. I don't think there'll be a crossover this year, with the improved Ticats.

...I forgot all about that little tune....Hang Down Your Head Jim Trimble....sung to the music of Hang down Your Head Tom Dooley....great stuff...all we heard in the Peg. from Jim Trimble was we'll 'WAFFLE THEM'...when the team and the fans got that message ...Bud Grant went on a mission......the fun was on....just super football days ... :wink:

Dare to dream dare to dream!