Have they Replaced the P.A. Announcer?

I still see no news on New P.A. Announcer

Same, hopefully we get one like Farr or like the one in Winnipeg.

I am willing to go out on a limb and predict it's someone from CHML

Either Jamie West or Ted Michaels as both have great voices for the job in my opinion

Just a totally random wild guess though.

Go Black and Gold ! (Bruins and Ticats) 8)

You think with a Home game in 3 Weeks They Announce it

Why ? It's not a -need to know- item until the gates open for the first game. If it's announced tomorrow, fine. If not, that's fine too. I'll be there with my kids celebrating my birthday that week so just make sure THE BEER IS COLD (or so my kids say) !.... :lol: :wink:

First, like deerhunter says its not something that needs media coverage. Im sure if they were to announce it, it would cause criticism like everything else.

But for my input, I'm going out on a limb and saying JR Diggs.

God NO Not J.R ..

Who ever heaven help him. :oops: :roll:

JR would be my guess as well

Same, he's been close to the Cats, has a great personality and has lately been doing alot of spots for them.

Why can get a Guy who just dose down distance and Who made the Play.

Keep it Simple


"And that's the way it is...first down Hamilton!"

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


Because they're the most boring people on the planet and they ruin football games.Trust me.I've been to Toronto plenty and you don't want just a straight up calling of the game.We need someone to get the fans up, because they don't seem to know what they're doing half the time.The crowd is %50 of what it takes to win IMO.

That would be the job of the Cheerleaders and Pigskin Pete...and the team's performance.

Just the facts would be fine with me too.

Yeah and obviously that works to perfection, especially when Farr says like 5x in a row to be quiet and the crowd gets louder and louder and everyone in the stadiums telling them to be quiet and they get louder.Then when we try and get them on their feet, they sit there looking confused as to why we're cheering on defense.Nobody listens to the cheerleaders, and pigskin pete does the oskee chant no matter what the situation on the field is.And if it were up to the team as it sometimes is, they'd be going insane on offense and being quiet when our D is on, it happens ALL the time.You need a loud voice throughout the stadium that reminds you that your not on your sofa, that you need to get your @$$ up and help your team to victory, and you're not going to get that with an announcer that just says "Glenn to Bruce, gain of 5.....now scuse me while I rest my eyes, wake me when something happens..."

I want an announcer like the one in Winnipeg PLEASE.

I do think there is some middle ground here. Someone who has energy in his/her voice when making the obvious down-and-distance announcements is important. The P.A. announcer here at Molson Stadium has his famous tagline “…FIRRRRRRRRRSSSSSST DOWWWWWWWWWWNNNN, MONNNNNNNNTTTRRRRREEEEEEEAALLLLLLL” that hooks the fans, but he doesn’t sound like he’s about to have an orgasm calling a tractor pull! That’s where someone like him doing a P.A. call and Jason Farr part in my opinion…

How the sound is used at the stadium is crucial to whether the fans are a factor in the action or simply to be drowned out by whatever is blared out, like “DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFENNNNNNNNNNNCEEEEEEEEE” or “MAAAAAAAKKKKEEEEE SOOOOMMMMMMEEEEE NOOOOOOOIIIIIISSSEEEEE,” etc. Quite frankly, less IS more when it comes to getting fans to make noise in competitive contests since there is a psychological impetus to “join in” with the people around you as the roar of the crowd builds. We do not see/hear that enough at IWS today. In my day (70s and 80s in the stadium), you couldn’t hear yourself think when the stadium was 3/4 full and the fans made the old girl rock during close games or when Toronto was getting crushed!

Get someone a little less MTV VJ understudy and turn the PA down a bit more and things will improve. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


This I can agree with.

Who ever he may be, let the good Lord smile down on him for his reputation will be DO DO when he decides to step down. :frowning: :oops:

I don't find J.R Funny or Entertaining at all

Just the Facts that all I need
This Why Take 900 CHML with me

So in other words, you're content with having the quietest most uneducated crowd in the CFL?You'd rather the stadium be quiet almost all the time and loud when we don't want it to be?That's basically what you're saying..Hell, if we're going to have JUST THE FACTS, then I'd rather not have an announcer at all.I mean if the crowd is smart enough to know when to cheer on their own, surely they can tell that if it was 1st and 10, the ball was thrown and it is now 2nd and 2, we must've had an 8 yard gain.