Have the Stampeders learned their lesson?

I recently watched the 2016 Grey Cup game again, in its entirety, and enjoyed it as much as watching it the first time.

Accolades to the Stampeders for coming back from a significant deficit during the game. Accolades to the Ottawa Redblacks for pulling off a huge upset and winning the Grey Cup.

Now, fast forward to 2017...

The Calgary Stampeders are the gold standard of the CFL again this year. They are sitting at the top of the CFL and always seem to find a way to win. It is evident that Calgary will finish in 1st place in the West and in 1st place over all. I'm sure most would agree that barring any serious injuries to key positions, the Stampeders will be in the Grey Cup again this year.


As we all know, though the Ottawa Redblacks won only 8 of their 18 regular season games last year they were able to knock off a team that had only lost 2 games all season last year. Good or bad, such is the CFL.

The Calgary Stampeders were heavily favored to win it all last year but failed. I'm sure most everyone speculated as to why: bad coaching decisions, poorly executed plays, over confidence, bla bla bla.

It doesn't matter. Last year's Grey Cup game is history. I'm confident Calgary will be in this year's Grey Cup but it is a toss up which team Calgary will meet in the east. By the looks of it, Calgary probably doesn't much care or should they.... Hmmmmm...?

Calgary is enjoying another banner year. Good for them but can they capture the top prize once and for all this year or will they fall short again?

Is there anything they can do differently this year that might make the difference? They certainly have the talent.

I would like to think that the Stamps won't be pisstanks for a week straight 2 years in a row.

Did Calgary choke or did Ottawa take advantage of being in a sport that has a single game championship? NHL, NBA and MLB have playoff upsets and they all have best of 7 series so I'm never completely surprised when there's an upset in CFL playoffs. Calgary also has a habit of underachieving in the playoffs.

I wouldn't be surprised if they don't win it this year, however, it is their to lose.

Stamps won't even get that far! Bombers dump them in the Western Final in -25C weather!

The Bombers are the team I fear.

Stamps need to fear them as well.

Bombers just getting better.

…they will, of course, blaze through the regular season and playoffs with sixshooters a-firing’…and then in the final game hear a ‘click’ and, somewhat confused, stare down the barrel while they pull the trigger again…

The Bombers are Johnny's pick to win the Grey Cup. And yes, the Stamps will choke again.

So far, Johnny's Alouettes are undefeated against the Stamps in 2017. Though, that might change Friday...

Oh man that was funny RedandWhite! So funny!! ;D I am visualizing it now.

They have the 2nd best record in the league and have done it relatively quietly. In the west the talk is of the Stamps great season, Edmonton and BCs staggering collapses from early success and what looks like a resurgent Riders. No one is talking about the Bombers yet they are 4 points up the plunging Eskimos.

If anyone can do it the Bombers might be the team. Winnipeg has waited long enough.

The problem the Bombers will have is that we play them the final game of the regular season ... If we lose to the bombers there, OR if they even make it a tight game ... Calgary will have fair warning in the Western Final of what they are getting into and the Bombers won't be able to "sneak up" on them.

Unless you are trying to say that the Bombers are going to go for the "cross-over" this year to get to the GC!

Remember ... We choke in the GC, not in the "Playoffs" as a whole! :wink:

My money is on Winnipeg; they are a lot of fun to watch, have innovative play calling and are consistent. I think Edm and BC were only good to start because they played a lot of weak teams, now they are up against good teams.

Short of a major collapse by either team that final game will be meaningless. Calgary will have 1st locked and Winnipeg 2nd. In that situation I wouldn't expect the game to be much above a pre season tilt as both team will want to remain healthy and not give away anything to the other.

Ottawa was hot, Burris picked apart the Stamps "D", great play calling. Just when you thought the Stamps were going to stop them, Burris would use his legs and draw plays to LaFrance worked like a charm.
If Sinopoli had hung on to that short kick off, the game would have been over with 5 minutes left and the game woudn't have gone into OT.
But we can replay the game over and over again.

What happens if Calgary gets knocked off in the West final? has anyone thought of that? do we change the playoff structure so that if a team that has a great season with 16 wins go automatically to the Grey Cup?

It's sports and it's about upsets and second seasons. I can't figure out the NHL where a team can win 72 games and only 8 losses don't get a first round bye, they have to play a 7 game series?
It's an all new season in the playoffs, the regular season means nothing, almost every team gets in.

Calgary will be awarded with a bye and a final at home. I think the result will be the same as last year, a hot Ottawa team will do it again.

Hot Ottawa team? Nope, they had the magical Burris last year, this year just ain't going to happen without him I'm afraid. Burris was the key. I'd put my money on the Argos going all the way to do a major upset in the Grey Cup, that team is the best in the East IMHO.

I think a lot of Stamps fans have thought of what happens if Calgary loses the West final. Their teams have a habit of underachieving in the playoffs, and not just in the Grey Cup.

We don't change the playoff format for that, but maybe award them the Ambrosie Bowl or something like that. ;D

What we should consider changing, though, is a playoff structure that rewards an 8-9-1 team with a bye and home playoff game over teams with 12-6. 11-7, and 10-8 records.

Don't get that started again or they'll close this thread too. 8)While your last point is valid I agree that an upset is no reason to change the format. And at some point there may be an upset in the playoffs this year.

Agree. Both squads will have B team in there.

Most likely not worth watching the game film.