Have The Riders Scamed Us?

Seeing that the recent trade involving Holmes and Getzlaf for Armstead would have never happened if we just kept our 1st overall pick in the dispersal draft.
That way we would still have our draft pick and Armstead or even Kerry Joseph.

What are your thoughts...?

:roll: let it go man..just let it go..stop living in the past!

neither Tillman or Marcel were gm of either teams at the time

Back then we needed a RB and return man because Jesse wasnt available. Now we need a WR. Really the only think that matters is our we better off?

I think we are worse off actually. I like Holmes to play slot back but not as much as Armstead at wide out. We really don't need an upgrade in this area tho. The kick return game is a wash between the 2 IMO. That makes the trade a wash without the second part Losing a promising Canadian in the deal is the tough part to swallow. Given the reliance we are putting in the non import receiving position not having the depth to backup in case of injury may come back to bite us sooner rather than later

It's all good and dandy that we have a wideout that's half-decent but who's going to be able to deliver the ball to him once he gets past 15 yards downfield?

Jot Beautjer will. If only we could talk him out of retirement.

But the good thing is Armstead is a good wco type receiver as he can take a 5 yard pass and turn it into a 30 yard gain. The only problem is that because WE -notice how I left Maas's name out of this- don't throw deep the defence is usually right on top of our receivers once they catch our 5 yard slant and out patterns that we run 30 times a game.

When you trade out of desperation its hard to get value. At 1-6 no one is doing us any favors. The trade should have been straight up but we needed it more and so we lose a prospect. Overall its a good trade as both players are underachieving in their current environment. Regina is loaded at receiver and Corey is not going to get many reps at RB considering we can’t get the ball in Lumsdens hands enough.

The only way we got scammed on this deal is if Armstead is hiding an injury preventing him from running downfield, his wife bought store in Regina and doesn't want to move to Hamilton, his heart is in Riderville, and with all the players we sent to Saskatchewan this year they win the Grey Cup.

So, as long as none of that stuff is true, then no, we didn't get scammed.

I didn't mean for it to look like I'm living in the past I was just having fun with the idea it was just a question. I think we won the trade personally I've always liked Armstead and Holmes, but Corey was a good idea at the time but right now he's not a good fit here.

Now its time to welcome Jason Armstead to the Black And Gold and he is definately a HUGE pick-up for us and its looking good for our receivers.

No scam involved at all, on either side.

Both teams gave and received quality players. Corey is a super back/slot, and a fine team player. I wish he had found a role here that better suited his talents and our systems. But with Jesse Lumsden in the backfield, there wasn't going to be much room for Corey to shine.

Jason Armstead is a top-flight receiver, he'll help us a lot I think. Welcome to Hamilton Jason.

Maybe Holmes is the one with the injury? He hasn't shown the same explosiveness here as he has in Regina. He used to be good for at least one big play a game, I can't even remember him having one big play in his entire stay here, except for maybe the odd 20 yard run.