Have the Riders been caught cheating again?


Despite the CFL’s assurances that player health and safety is a high priority for the league and teams, we have confirmed six members experienced Achilles Tendon injuries yesterday (four of six occurring within six minutes on one team). This clearly contradicts those assurances.

The reports we have received regarding the circumstances cause us great concern that the coaching staff were not respecting the protocols in place for the first week of player isolation. We will continue to seek answers and demand more rigorous oversight on proper player safety standards.

We strongly recommend all members be personally proactive with their health and safety and understand that you can and should speak out when you feel your health and safety is being put at risk. Immediately contact your player reps and Association if you feel your health and safety is being compromised. The CFLPA will immediately act on your concerns. We continue to place the health and safety of our members at the forefront and we will ensure the CFL does the same.


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I doubt it. Player lead, no coaches present.

If they blew out their archilles in soft drills, can't imagine the same wouldn't happen tomorrow

Why would the strength and conditioning coach be out on the field? Something stinks.

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A freak accident. Nothing more

I’m assuming he’d be present during off-season workouts?

Four guys on the same field , same injury all in a span of six minutes . I don’t know but I think maybe they should get somebody in to check the turf and seams in that stadium.

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Apparently 2 in Calgary as well.

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I’ve seen a number of Ti-Cats over the past 3 or 4 years go down untouched with long term or season ending injuries at THF . The list includes the likes of Andy Fantuz , Chad Owens , Chris Williams and of course Masoli in 2019 .

Although the stadium is only 7 years old the turf was replaced this off season due to wear and tear as well as uneven and disjointed seams that have most likely been a major factor that led to these injuries .

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Could be. They turned mosaic into a skating rink…can’t imagine that was good for the turf

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Maybe those guys were in fit shape, but not in game shape, for their injuries to occur. Perhaps they forgot to stretch or didn’t stretch enough. We’ll never truly know

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So if these players are out for the season, can they come back for the playoffs and their salary not count against the cap?


it was two in montreal not calgary

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in fantuz case he slipped on wet turf after some rain

Players were doing a drill with a medicine ball being thrown up and racing to it. hardly a soft drill.

Could be. I just caught it briefly on the radio. Still freakish. 6 down with the same injury and camp hasn’t even started yet.


Some one on Twitter named the players and it was Montreal.

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You are correct it was a pair of Alouettes…

Courtesy of 3DN…

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Bottom line, the Riders are known cheaters who have violated rules in the past. Practice roster violations, salary cap violations as well as putting 13 players on the field in a Grey Cup game. I'm surprised they haven't traded for Andrew Harris (I'm innocent). He would fit in perfectly with the Green team.

The point here is, why were the Riders (and maybe Alouettes) having team activities when they aren't supposed to until July 10, and is this a violation of the quarantine rules.

They are allowed activities, just no coaches

They have to quarantine for 7 days, but it did not have to start on the 3rd and end on the 10th
Some players have been in town since June