Have the Lions Peaked, way to soon?

With just 4 games left in the season, have the Lions peaked to soon?
The Lions have been on an incredible Roll, for the past 7 straight games....Winning them all.
In spite of them playing so well, over that period of time, .......the Lions are still "only" Tied for First Place, with 2 other teams, who have both had their own ups and downs, over that same period of time.
What are the chances of the Lions, riding this winning streak, all the way into the Final?
Edmonton is finally getting their act together ( In spite of falling on some Rough Times) and I am sure, that Calgary is right there as well, with their own intentions for a run at the Cup.
Have the Lions Peaked "way to soon"?
Has Edmonton gotten recharged, at just the right time?
Is Calgary going to use their last two loses to the Lions, as successful motivation, for getting on their own Roll?
What with Elimimian Hurting, and the Lions Kick Off and Punt Return Coverage, embarrassingly poor, is this string of consistent Wins.....going to come to an abrupt end, way to soon?
Beating Calgary in the dying seconds of the game on Saturday night, was Great......but.....it came at a Steep price, and that was losing Elimimian.
Being on a Roll is one thing.......but ....Peaking at the Right Time, is every thing!
Have the Lions Peaked "way to soon"?
I guess we will know the answer to that, in the next couple of games.

Could have said the same thing during the Don Mathews era when he had teams going 12-4, 13-3. Or how about the time when Wally had our Lions going 13-5 ,12-6? Have you ever ask yourself Backer that maybe ,Just maybe the team finally hit their stride. Or that they're finally gelling after three years of rebuilding . Have your ever asked yourself the same thing about teams like New England,Pittsburgh, and those teams if they peaked to early when they were on their way to the Superbowl?
You keep bringing up Calgary,Winnipeg,and Edmonton. How do we know they didn't peaked too early when they came out of the gates at 5-0,and 5-1 respectively?? Give Wally some credit here. You beat teams like Calgary,Sask, and Edmonton on their home turf. And then you mention about them having injuries. Well both teams came over to BC with a reasonable healthy roster and still get beat. We know now that we can play teams like Calgary and Edmonton and that the wins had nothing to do with flukes or injuries.
Since your so worried about peaking Backer what would you do in WALLY'S POSITION when your 1-6 and then you start winning 7 straight to have a chance for first place? How would you handle the team any differently then WALLY?
Tell us how teams like Montreal and Calgary ,Edmonton, Bc, Winnipeg are supposed to let up when your fighting for first place or home field without worrying about peaking to early?
How many times we had Vic Rapp's team come out 10-0, or 7-1 comfortable in first place only to see them struggle to make the playoffs in the end back in the late 70's and early 80's But when Don Mathews took over with basically the same roster he had them winning on a consistent basis. IMO Mathews proved to me its all about coaching and having a Mental approach then it had anything to do with Peaking.

Obviously, there is really no right or wrong answer to the question....but.....you have to wonder.
It just seems as if, the Teams that have to struggle and fight and claw their way,into the Play Offs, in the Final Game of the Regular Season, usually enter the Play Offs, with that new found Drive that s needed, to get her done.
Where as, the teams that just cruise in on a Roll, seem to just let up, and Fall a bit Flat, when it is needed the most.
Take last years Canucks, for example.
When it counted the most......they fell 2 games short, of getting it done!
Where as the Green Bay Packers, on the other hand.... barely snuck into the Play Offs.......by beating some really good teams along the way, and ended up Winning it all.
You are right, there is no really good formula for success, but.....it does seem as if, when a Team Peaks, or gets on that Roll,during the season....it has a lot to do with, whether or not they WIN it all or not.
By constantly Winning( as the Lions have been doing) ......you have to wonder.....when the Bubble will Burst or...."IF" it will?
Is Capturing Home Field advantage, really all that Big a Deal.....at the risk of injury or further injuires?
Do they rest Elimimian for the next couple of Games, to get him ready for the Play offs ( Which they are Guaranteed a Spot in, anyways) or......do they rush him back prematurely, to do every thing in their power, to get First Place, Over All in their Division?
The next 4 games, could go either way....there are no easy games.
They do have, Confidence on their side, right now.
It will be interesting to see, what does actually happen, in the next 4 games.
The Canucks have recently shown us all, what Peaking to soon, and reading your own Press clippings , can do for a Team, a City and it's Fans.

Anything can happen in the playoffs. Cold and hot teams have won championships before. No guarantee that resting players can ensure playoff success. Injuries are random and can occur whether team plays well or not. Besides, pro teams are paid to try to win every game. Losing teams tend to lose customers. Home field advantage increase revenue and probability of winning.

I think in the past few years anyone can beat anyone! As long as the Lions don't get ahead and think too highly of themselves they should be fine. Chapdelaine has to continue to be creative on offense for BC to be successful or it could be a very short playoffs. The last Calgary game could have been either way as they too made many mistakes which led to BC points. Stay grounded and play blue collar football and the Lions should continue to do well!

Lets put it this way,Any player that has an injury depending how bad it is, Will not play. Over the years we had seen Wally do that. As for the Canucks peaking last year. I could'nt disagree more. They finished first overall that went all the way to the finals. Now if they were knocked out of the first round ,then yes you would have an argument.

And playing Louongo didn't help since Boston knew his weakness....but thats nether here or there now. I agree backer about some of your points here.