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they probably have as per always. but the riders have been ona downfall as well. they will be the senators of the cfl. fast start only leads them to playoff disappointment.

calgary is playing strong as a team and has been very consistant other then labour day. and the eskimoes are really hitting stride after the injury to tucker. i see one of them making the gc this season

We haven't even come close to peaking yet.

We are ascending majestically. Like an ant climbing that giant gopher mound in your back 40, still a long way to go. :wink:

I don't think the Lions have peaked. They still haven't played that great. The Riders have cooled off but they'll be getting a lot of guys back soon and will be ready to roll for the playoffs.

If anyone has peaked to early it would be the team that was 6-0 and is at one point in the season. The Lions have just begun to play well, if you're scared now wait until november :wink:

The scary thing is that the Riders started 6-0 without playing their best football. When they do peak they will be really tough to beat.

I never understood that comment, "they haven't played their best football yet"...how do we know? Maybe it IS their best football. Seriously...there is no way to validate that statement until the end of the season.

For the record, I'm not targeting anyone specifically, although in retrospect it appears I am...just commenting on an irritating statement I've heard too often...

Most of what is said on this website is not fact it's opinion. In my opinion, the Riders have their best football ahead.

...and in my opinion, it's a wasted comment to suggest such things that cannot be proven for another number of weeks, regardless of team allegiances...:wink:

You are entitled to your opinion but it is unfair to call someone's comment wasted. If it's a waste to comment the Riders haven't played their best then most of this forum is a waste. I suppose you don't like it when people comment on who is going to win MOP or who's going to win the next game because we won't know until it happens :wink:

Pretty much, yep.

Whats all this serious talk doing in a turkey thread? This is supposed to be nothing but wild speculation and trash talk.

I predict one thing for the Riders this weekend ...

in my best Mr. T voice


I pity the fool...

So, to hypothesize is a wasted comment? I hope you’re only teaching English jm02 and not science.


Somebody's been going to jm02's poetry classes! :lol: :lol:

Yeah, I don't think the Lions have peaked. They have slowly been getting it together. We'll see over the next few weeks.

I do not know sporty I think Turkey may have something here! LOL. :roll:

It's not rocket science, guys...I just don't like statements that have no basis in proof whatsoever until the end of the season, when people either do the "see I told you so, chump" route, or the "whoops, that had absolutely no basis in reality...suppose I should stop dropping acid" route..."they haven't played their best game yet" is a wasted comment to me, simply because it's entirely impossible to prove until the final game they play this year, and only with a 100% healthy roster, which almost never happens, regardless of the team...same thing can be said for, "I haven't reached my full potential yet" type of comments - how the hell do you know?

Really, a whole lot of something has been made of nothing in this thread, and people are jumping on comments that are not meant as character assassinations.

What would football talk be without cliches and speculation though jm?

'We'll get them next time'
'This team will pull together'

That's all it ever is when you talk about upcoming games or anything that hasn't happened yet. Would be pretty boring around here if we couldn't make silly predictions.

Lighten up teacher teacher.

Other then Turkeys comment I did not notice the statement made. I think greenlady just voiced a valid opinion. She feels her team just may have more int the tank. And I see Jm02 point as well she does not like making bold statements that may come back to haunt her later. Both are valid and not worthy of further debate. No back to Turkey! How the heck are you coming up with these brilliant statements there turkey. What are you doing whne you dream up these LOL outragious statements. NAw never mind I am afraid to ask.