Have the Lions found a gem in Tim Brown- running back

I was ssssoh looking forward to watching Yonus Davis do his magic on the field this season. This was a guy who could give the Lions instant field position or better still break the game wide open. But alas, instead of being a football runner he decided it was more lucrative to be a drug runner.

Enter Tim Brown. I'm reading that Wally is quite impressed with this guy and that Brown may have been cut from the same football cookie cutter as Davis. Both are the same weight and there's only about an inch difference in height. Brown impressed Wally when B.C. played Calgary the other evening.

Any thoughts guys?

he looked a little heavier and slower than Davis - but effective for sure. kinda like an armadillo.

Hmmm.... could make for a good nickname for him. "Armadillo takes the ball on the 5. He's to the ten, the twenty-five, the fifty....this guy issssss.......... gonnnnnnnnnnne!"

he's going to be interesting thats for sure.