have the higher ups forgot about us?????

i know its off season and we always hit a low but it seems to me i havent heard much from from young mitchell etc since the final home game other then to tell me they want my money for this year. How about a update into the goings on behind the scenes this year such as where there storing all the equipment. where they plan on holding training camp this year etc etc. If were all one big family then keep the lines of communication open.

if anyone has any updates theyd like to share feel free my mind is wondering

Excellent read ticatbill, just saying when it comes to my immediate family lines of communication are not totally open and that actually works a bit better than my cousins family that is all "lovey dovely touchy feely" sort of thing but more phoney than my family I think. Bottom line, lines of communication are open in the Cat family so to speak, I just don't think they know everything yet. Even at work where I see directors here and there coming and falling out out of favour with more senior management, it's all a bit hush hush until they replace the top guy with another guy.

I was wondering the other day where the players that remain in the area during the off season are working out since they don't have Ivor Wynne anymore. I think things like that would be nice to share with the fans.

I heard they hired a new head coach

Thought that was a pretty useful update

What? Austin's been fired already?

Par for the course I suppose. :wink:

have no fear, I have not forgotten you 8)

yes other teams are doin videos of what there players are doing in the off season heck some teams are even resigning there players.winnipeg has updates on stadium progress but here in hamilton its look at us we fired all our coaches gonna hire all new ones and hey fans dont forget to renew your season seats for 2013 to assure you a spot for a dissapointing 2014 in the new stadium if its done on time. This organization is starting to become the toronto maple leafs of the cfl.

To TCHABS, I've seen Marwan work out at Mac last year, and his picture there was in the paper in an article about his injury lost year. However I try to go every day and I haven't seen anyone else. Training camp is very cool though, because you could be in the gym and suddenly it will just flood with Ticat players.

On topic, let's nor forget that the owner engages us in conversation here which we are very lucky to have. However I agree, I feel left in the dark regarding the team.

Let's face it though, with a new coach coming in there are uncertainties in player personnel so it's usually wise in these cases to be sure that the player or players you're highlighting with videos and that are the players the new coach wants.

Again, the stadium is the city's stadium and Infrastructure Ontario is doing the work so to speak.

Have broke bread with Austins a few times , Ticats have landed a great coach ( super work ethics ).

As far as I’m concerned, anthing worthwhile usually shows up in the paper, on the news, or somewhere on this forum. We should be patient, new developements will come as they develope. Having said that, I sometimes just wonder why nothing seems to be going on behind the scenes, best answer; probably not a lot happening on any front.

As much as it would be interesting to know some of the trivial stuff...I'm more interested in knowing what players we're re-signing before the free agent time period. And with each passing day I get more concerned that we haven't signed some of these guys. I realize a whole new coaching staff has to review film on all of the players...still...I grow impatient.

Not sure that it's any of our business ... next thing is where they like to dine and shop.

I know it's a long off season but this is pushing it a bit too far.

"I was wondering the other day where the players that remain in the area during the off season are working out since they don't have Ivor Wynne anymore. I think things like that would be nice to share with the fans."

I'm sure the players, being in public eye for some 4 months, would prefer now to have their privacy, and not be scrutinized about their every move during the off season.

I'm interested to learn of who else they will bring to the coaching staff, what signings of the roster they will or won't make, what free agents they may bring in.

I really don't care about the personal stuff. They're people, not gods.....

The point of my post was that I thought it would be interesting to know if the players in the area have a “Home Base“ this off season where they can go to hangout, workout, get treatment from team trainers, play cards, whatever as a team. In the past they had the facilities at Ivor Wynne. Has the Ti-Cat organization taken care of the players during this time. I don't care where the players go on their own to some gym or where they dine or shop, but if they have a place to call their own. (And I don't care where it is, just that it exists)

Old Fan please see my reply to diesel27.
I may have worded my post differently, but I too do not need to know about the personal lives of the players and I don't believe I got anywhere close to comparing them to gods.

I think I remember reading at some point in time that players used to work out at the soccer dome bubble on Frid St. but not sure if that is still the case, the players that remained in the area during the winter. :?

The equipment is being stored in Mrs. Grabowski’s garden shed on Lottridge Street North, and training camp will be held on Holton Avenue, between King and Dunsmure. I believe they have re-hired George Cortez to yell “car” whenever a vehicle approaches. Now you know…

Apparently my asking about training facilities for the players during this transition period is not a concern to some and others think I don't need to know. This is fine, we all have our own points of view. However, as a fan who has paid alot of money over the years to go to games and who plans to follow the team to Guelph, I believe I and other fan investors of the team should know what is being done to ensure the organisation has something in place to assist the players with their off season training and therapy or at the end of October were the players told, your on your own see ya in May. I'm sure that did not happen, but maybe the team set up a temporary facility in the area to ensure they have given the players best posible opportunity to be in playing shape when camp comes around. Maybe they rented some place or the are already allowed to use the U of Guelph facilities. Do we have to know this, no. But it would be a nice to know.