Have the Argos improved theor roster?

The 2014 Argo roster has taken shape with the cut down over. Have they improved or replaced key losses? The starting offensive line looks to be the same with Rogers*, Holmes, Keeping, Van Zeyl and King* from left to right. They played well last year and may even be better as a unit with a year together. WR is still good even with the loss of Inman. Childs, Barnes and Sinkwell with Watt coming in when they go to a one back offense. Rumour has Jamal Richardson coming on board with the idea he could be ready for the second half of the season. If he can still play that would be a big boost down the road. I still liked Romney Bryant over Barnes, maybe Ricky Ray had some influence there. He and Barnes have been together for a while.
Can't improve much at QB as long as Ricky stays upright. But I have to think the backups will see some time after Ricky takes a few hard knocks. I like Mitchell Gale to eventually be the #2 guy, but not right away. The Argos can win short term with either Harris or Gale IMO, but need Ricky Ray healthy to go to the Cup.
RB position hasn't replaced Kackert as he was one of a kind. But, I think they are stronger with Johnson* and Slaton* than Norwood and Riggs from last year. Steele is good on ST. Slot Back still very strong with Durie and Owens* backed up by Coombs.

Jim Barker has rebuilt the D Line and so far so good. It looks likes he has brought in some guys who can really get after the QB's. Looks like Gibson*, Laing, Harrell* and Romeus* will start the season with DE Brown and the returning DT Thomas* alternating with them.
The LB's will be Horton* Emry and Robinson* with Jones* backing up Emry. Robinson in for Ball is a step back to start with IMO, they may not be done there. Maybe Ball comes back in September. Not much OLB depth yet.
Looks like they are going with Ware*, Carter*, M. Black, Smith* and Underwood* with Gabriel in reserve in the defensive backfield. I would think there will be another Int. DB at game time for backup purposes. On the surface the defense looks better over all, but we will have to see come regular season game time.

I think first place is the Argos to lose, on paper.

I agree Double blue. A Healthy Argo team should win the Division. I think the offence will be fun to watch this season. My worries are special teams and DB's. I think the Argos will be in a lot of high scoring games.

The Argos line will look like this:

LT: Sewell
LG: Holmes
C: Keeping
RG: Rogers/King
RT: Van Zeyl

Coombs will be used at RB with Steele and Johnson while Slaton likely starts on the injured list (possibly 6 games).

I think their defense is better because what Burke will want them to do. Last years defensive starters were better on paper but they had a bad year all around.

I don’t think the Argos are ready to trust a rookie left tackle to Ricky’s blind side just yet. :slight_smile:

Sewell started each pre-seaosn game at LT and got the most reps there out of anyone during TC.

He’ll start.

Sewell did not start last week – Rogers started at LT and got virtually every snap in the first half. Rogers will play LT and King is playing RG. Sewell is backing up at this point.

I guess they have switched King and Van Zeyl.

Argo Fanatic 3, Sewell is a good prospect and he got lots of playing time in the preseason for his development, but not when Ricky Ray was playing. He’s still learning the Pro Game. Preseason vanilla defenses are not the same as regular season with its stunts and blitzes. Be patient, I’m sure Mr. Sewell understands that element of the game.

Sewell is definitely an excellent prospect. Barker talked this week about his great development over the past year after he returned to school. Long-term they will start him at tackle, but I expect he will back up for most if not all of this season.

You guys are right about Sewell.

However, I could see him starting a few games (possibly at Guard) before the year is over.

As to the OP. I would say on offense we have more depth at WR (Sinkfield, Adams, Atjey) as opposed to last year, and I like the idea of RB by committee.

Our defense is such a huge question mark. I like Burke's scheme better then Jone's, and I love that we have Emry. But, our DB's are all question marks outside of S.

Regardless, we should win tomorrow pretty handily I think.

Toronto defense is still among the worst in CFL. Toronto's strong offense makes a weak defense appears better.

The DBs got exposed for sure CBs and HB’s. Drew will moved well with great pocket presense so rendered the Dline not so effective. The bombers controlled the tempo leaving the D on the field a lot. I will have to say great game plan and play calling by Bombers. A ball contral offense and knew when to take their shots down field and they paid off.
Turnovers and Penalties hurt the Argos in a huge way but the Bombers were able to capitalize on them.
Ball security by veterans was bad. For the Bombers they did a great job securing the ball not allowing any strips, two hands on the ballwhile going down. Basic pop warner stuff.
Small group of LBs for Winnipeg yet the Argos did not run the ball.
I also dont like that the Argos only dressed 5 cover DBs with no back up for CB/HB/SAMLB. They had like six Will or SAM LBs on the depth chart.
Would burke consider bringing in Hefney. He would not have to play SAMLB the Argos CBs got beat on the deep fade routes in the end zone

Underwood seemed to me to be on the short end of several of Winnipeg's big pass completions. The Argos have a DB LeQuan Lewis in camp who they have been after for a couple of years. We might see him in there soon. Thomas may be back in at DT to see if they can slow down the Saskatchewan run game.
Going with few DB backups could be a problem if there are some injuries. They could drop Robinson back from OLB in a pinch I guess.

Available still former Argos Evan McCoulugh and Brandon Issaac. Hefney also still available and knows Burke although the whole falling out in Winnipeg thing.
Mcoulough got bumped over to the field side half from his short side half for an incoming FA in Hamilton and then out the door.
Issac also moving from SAM to Will in TC for the Riders did not work out.
Was it Ware who was beat in the fade routes in the end zone at CB.

Counting Robinson as a DB in the Nicke Samspot the Argos only had 5 DB to fill the 5 spots on the roster so they cant be done looking with Lewis the only other on the PR.

After only two weeks of play there might be more questions than answers so far. Either way, there seems to be a lot of parody in the league, which is a good sign for the CFL. Article up at www.cflreport.ca

Just a head's up there, CFLReport.

Both in your posts here and in your Report, you are using the word "parody."

I think you mean to say "parity."

Dwight Anderson acquired from the Riders. No matter how much experience you have as a DB/CB; NCAA, CIS, NFL; the HB position in the CFL is very unique to football with receivers coming at you full speed with the waggle. The Arena Football league is the only US league in which a player can do this. Coming out of the CIS the difference in the speed and route running of receivers at the pro level is a huge gap.
Underwood had been exposed adding Anderson to go with Jahlil Carter, who is now in his 3rd CFL season gives him experience, looks to be the starting HBs at this point.
Carter worked his way through the Argos from developing on the PR in his 2012 rookie season to being the starting CB by the end of the season and Grey Cup due to injuries. starting at CB in 2013 and now moving over to the HB spot.
Anderson and his experience should lend some help to Carter's future success.

Not new to the team but Darvin Adams looked very comfortable in his first start fitting right into the multi receiver approach with Ray spreading the ball around. Trevor Harris 6-6 for 70 plus yards passing when the game was out of reach. got the Argos to go well over 300 yards passing and combined QBs were 34 for 42 passing. DII guy who played year round baiscally for 2010 to 2012. NFL training camp, AFL, UFL, AFL,CFL.