Have some respect for peoples topics !!!!

I've been reading a lot of peoples topic out hear and a lot of the responses are totally off topic! What is with that?? Some of you people bicker and bark at one another out hear. Some of us........most of us are sick of it! This board are for "TIGER CATS FANS" and football fans alike. You don't realize that all the other fans in the C.F.L. can see what we're writing. It's making us look stupid!! If you can't stop than make your own blog outside of our teams topic board. Leave this to REAL TICATS FANS.
If you don't know what I'M talking about look at topic "Video screen getting smaller." Notice the idiotic remarks.

Can't we all just get along?

Don't say "real Ticat fans" or that will open up a can of worms, you really don't want to open.

I hear what you're saying. It is a little frustrating when a good thread gets locked or taken off topic by someone's childish antics. It's been happening for years though. Sooner or later you get used to it. 8)

Wow. First, it looks like I need to apologize for responding to the "corn" comment with one of my own. Some newer folk need to realize that over the years there has come a change on this board. When it first started it was full of improv threads and silly humour, "hijackings" that were seen as humourous interjections to be ignored at will, contests, and parodies of song/poetry, etc.

Now the community has been around a bit longer. Some rivalries and dislikes have grown. In several cases these have expanded to the point where some folk just can't see ANYTHING positive in the posts of some others.

People who have been here awhile know that I certainly haven't always agreed with the original "corn-on-the cob" poster. At times I've been unhappy with certain rivalries of which he's been a part. At other times I've been quite amused by comments or impressed by bits of football acumen. This one looked funny to me... I joined in fully expecting a quick return to the original topic. Instead, we got a situation in which people were once again upset with each other.

It's draining. I'm not naive but there is some value to humour and to giving the other guy/gal the benefit of the doubt on occasion.

Anyway, I seriously apologize to anyone offended by by corn comment. I had NO idea that it would be offensive or seen as part of a negative or derogatory exchange.

Oh, by the way.... may I comment upon THIS topic? Netiquette doesn't seem to be clear on who owns a thread. When I first began posting I thought of threads that I started as 'mine.' That illusion was soon stripped from me. I've come to see a thread as an offering to the community. Some resonate wioth people and are accepted; some are modified to fit the mood of the community at that moment; some die. This seems reasonable. Problems arise when there are bullies or divisions or those who don't understand the culture of the board attempt to participate. We've come close to breakdown of the community on some occasions over the past few years but we haven't completely tipped over the brink. Let's not.

Now, rip at me or add a joke. I promise that I'll smile. :slight_smile:

Thanks BG, you saved me from needing to rant about that one!

Well said. I agree fully.

I'm in full support of respecting the original topic of a thread. However, it's common for informal conversations to take new directions. My concern is the lack of respect shown for fellow fans by certain infamous persons. Well, one mainly.

Couldn't restrain yourself eh Ock??? :roll:


I hope this thread stays on topic at least.

Anyways if the Cats take Rottier, and the Argos take Legare.......

Have to respectfully disagree, the site was never like that. There has always been someone trying to be the guardian angel, nanny or mother hen of this site. "You can't say this , "you can't say that", "that's not funny", "how dare you post that" "where are the mods?" etc. all the while never applying the same standard to themselves and being highly selective in who they deliver the sermons to.

So, in that regard, nothing really has changed.

The OP's topic references the latest Zontar-locked thread. The topic of that thread was the use of the score board until someone couldn't restrain themselves from taking a shot at a fellow fan. Admittedly, I tend to respond to rude people rudely.

I as a fan of the Cats, I loved the idea of having a new sight to chat with other fans .When this sight first was erected, I was cut down a few times for stating my opinion, so most times now I just read to see what the team is doing. People seem to take opinions to heart on here and they shouldn't. They are just an opinion. not fact. Also some people would mock another person ,s english, or grammar. Do any of the individuals know who they are talking to? , Is it a school kid around ten years of age, or maybe a new fan , or an elderly person who may have a handicap. Either way we should watch what we are saying to others, because this sight was put here for everyone, and not just some people who seem to think they own it at times. Also not all fans are as well informed as others who may study the sport, they may just
like to be involved in the sports talk and I my self dont see anything wronng with that. Personally my wife is a cats fan now and doesnt know the real make of of the team or the plays, but she just enjoys watching and has fun doin it. There are all kinds of people out there that are fans for that reason, so please take this into consideration when you say something someone , all these fans I have spoke about have feelings too . thankyou for your time.

So before you called Matt Dunnigan an "idiot" you cleared it with him first?

[url=http://forums.ticats.ca/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=31379&p=521501#p521501]http://forums.ticats.ca/viewtopic.php?f ... 01#p521501[/url]

Perfect example of the double standard the moaners and whiners in here have.

Again, if anyone feels the need to put on the super hero cape to protect the site from stuff you don't like or preach a sermon or pretend to have noble purpose, please, spare us all. :roll: