Have pity on poor rider fans

they still have to wait another week to see their team play some football :wink:

guess they still havent learn to count in riderland and they think this is just their second pre-season game :lol:

riders are so bad amirite

I've been in and out, but from what I've seen... yikes. Looks like the only good thing for the Riders was Cates' 50+ -yard run.

And the Als don't seem to be suffering from any Grey Cup slump. Looks like they could once again take control of the East early.

First time watching an entire game without interruption since Grey Cup 2008 here and highly impressed with the whole scene. :slight_smile:

My Take (As A New Fan For Those New Here):

All the Al's have to do any more on defence is make Durant scramble to neutralise almost totally the SK offence. If Durant has time to drop that's too risky including with Dressler able to get open often.

Of course Calvillo and his receiving corps are just plain incredible by any pro standard and aeons ahead of the likes of Durant and mostly only Dressler. However should the Riders get inside the red zone, Durant is really sharp as a wildcatter/option quarterback and it's too late for the Al's I think.

Thanks also to Cobourne's outstanding play, definitely a bad move by the Riders to return that missed field goal by Duval instead of giving up a single.

Even as a new fan I could not understand why Dorsey did that and thought it was dumb given the risk of losing two points instead of only one and almost seven plus better field position too. Bad coaching too?

Also awesome in the CFL unlike in the NFL to see your starters also contribute to special teams! :smiley:

Hmm. Could we see a reverse Grey Cup? In November, the Riders opened up a big lead, and the Als battled back in the second half. In this game, the Als opened a big lead, and now in the second half, the Riders just got a huge stop.

Edit: OK, I take that ^ back. After that awesome return, this one's in the books. :lol:

I like Durant, but today he has often looked like a raw rookie.

I remember Winston :thup:

That was a helluva throw. :o

Well, lots of time left if the Riders can stop the Al’s now in the 3rd. And just plain throw it to the tall Rodriguez on the mismatch as option one with Dressler as option too. Watch for that I tell you or they have no chance on offence I say. After those two options all Durant can do is run I think, as Cates is a non-factor now.

Edit: Well there you go it’s in the Bagg with a strong throw from Durant with too much time and awful Al’s defence! We have a game!

looks like the riders finally realized that its not a pre season game :smiley:

^^ Nah, I just jinxed the Als when I said this game was in the books. Sorry Montreal fans... That's my bad. :oops: :lol:

Wow I was going to compliment that call by you Chief! :o

Cates back in the game too and the Al's defence on meltdown phase now amazingly. Number 7 for the Al's DE Bowman is screwing up bad and also when chasing Durant he was slacking off. Either that or he is in poor shape to play the 4th quarter or just plain slow. :roll: I'd attack his side of the field on most every play if I am the Riders, as he is dragging butt and sucking it up along with some others.

In other news, Rider Priders out in full force. :lol:

What a great way to kick off the season. A barn burner of a game in the great football atmosphere that Mosaic provides. This is why I love the CFL!

Did Cuthbert just call Cobourne "Avon Colly?" Let's hope that nickname doesn't stick... :?

That was all Getzlaf on that play... :o

How did they call that 3rd and 1? I think someone needs to go see the optometrist. :lol:

This an absolutely fantastic football game! :thup: As a bonus, it's being aired on the NFL network too http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdo ... nfl,252757

Instant classic? It's only the first game too! :o

two many men, and he was still wide open in the endzone :lol: