Have People Already Lost Interest in the Team?

Miserable loss.... and only a few threads. Even the "Burn the Witches" thread only hit 2 pages this week. I can't remember when apathy topped anger on this board after something like we saw. Ticats.ca has always been THE board. Posting seems to be down quite a lot for mid-season.

Have we lost members on this forum or are people finally hitting their break points? I've been on this Board since day 2 of its original formation and - unless my memory is playing tricks - fewer people seem to care. Have we said it all? have we just seen it all before?

Seen it all, heard it all, nothings gunna change less we lose out the season.

Mark, I note that a few on the cfl.ca boards (some are Rider fans) have been comparing the Ticats' .500ish mediocrity of the last two seasons to be similar to the Riders' own brand of it before the Austin-Miller GC runs. The fact that Marcel has been part of both phenomena may be purely accidental...or not...but I think we have hit the tipping point here. It is now or never for this team to begin to contend under this regime. Fans have just about had it with the Jekyll and Hideousness of this team under Marcel Bellefeuille -- and I may be seeing the toxic waste container as half full. Ugh. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


no, it is not one losing interest in the team, it is one becoming so ticked off with the team and it's mediocrity and jekyll/hyde personality that it gnaws on you so much that it is easier to have another event to do than endure them. May seem hard to understand and explain, but in essence you invest so much into them emotionally, not to even mention financially, and they let you down, and you feel like you have been used. This feeling does not come over night, but over years so the powers that be might wish to re-think if they are going to allow mediocrity after this year. I do not think there were 500 people in th stands when the game ended. that tells you how we felt about Marcel, Khari, Chamblin and Glenn,

The funny thing is that I just do not have that feeling of anger or anymosity vis a vis the rest of the team, but I have pretty well had it with the above mentioned four. They may make me eat my hat but I doubt it

Bored with the Ticats and MB's approach to the game. And tired of coming on these boards and reading from a few who have been on here a long time that you are not a true fan if you critique the team after a loss. So I don't come on anymore.

Exactly how I feel

Good question Mark:

I think the fans are fed up with the Mitchell-Obie-Marcel management triumvirate which believes that staying the course is the only way to go.
All the problems facing this team, especially the coaching situation, have been discussed many times in the past couple of years.
The fans are not seeing any changes that will allow these players to reach their full potential. No wonder the stands are emptying early and the booing has begun.
All we need is some sign that the coaching needs to be improved. We have seen changes in Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and with Kavis Reed in Edmonton. Change is not a bad thing. Look at B-C rebounding. The Blue team put up a great fight yesterday. Improvement is happening all around us.
I suspect many fans see this and wonder why we lack the ability to get better each season.

Here here I second that:

After the AB3 move and NO NFL cuts being signed to help this team with freed up Cap ca$h Why not bring in Greg Marshall to FIX this Defence ASAP ? its a no brainer? :o

Apathy - it's even worse than anger. At least anger has emotion. A winning season, and the board will be full again.

I agree Cats99. Trading AB was pretty much the last straw. Now i enjoy watching BC play almost as much as the Ticats. Every year we trade away our veterans and replace them with rookies. And every year MB says we have a young team blah blah blah.

agreed, apathy is worse than anger, and I suspect most fans are at the stage of being angry now, especially with the perplexing turn of events where two weeks ago we were on top of the world, and two blow out embarassing losses later, we qualify for the Toilet Bowl with the Argos. What went wrong in two weeks, is there an internal problem, dissension etc, or is it just coaches making players play in the fashion the coaches want as opposed to using the skill set of the players to play their best. Is it coaches that just are not capable to making the necessary adjustments and changes that others can and are doing so ('cept Barker)?

I don't know, but the current sentiment is anger, and that is emotion, and that can be channeled into passionate support in a millisecond, but if mediocrity continues to flourish here and the future does not hold out any hope for success, such anger and passionate will turn in time to apathy. It took a while for the fans to rally around the club after years of neglect, and we were on the cusp, but now, who knows?

My barometer is how I can distribute my extra tickets to clients and friends, till now, everyone has been jumping to get them and thankful for the chance to go, but I sense if we continue this slide, I may be in the position I was years ago when people were offended if they were offered free Ti-Cat tickets.

8) Apathy has already set in, judging by the attendance at Friday's game, only 22,000 and change.
  It was a perfect night for football too.  Pretty discouraging to say the least.

   The Cats are lucky this next game is in Moncton, because if it were in Hamilton, we would be lucky to draw even
    20,000, and in reality, how can you blame the fans that don't want to watch this kind of display again !!

After this last disgusting display on Friday, their head coach was interviewed and responded at one point to say that he doesn't like the word Intensity. Perhaps, because he doesn't have it and can't coach it or sell it to the players.

We need an experienced, knowledgeable coaching staff who can bring this team to life. The OC and the DC, I think, have the potential, but they need a head coach who can lead. I don't see that in Marcel. We've given him 3 years to get it done, and this team is still lost in the forest.

In the 40 some years I have been cheering and hoping for this team, this is the most frustrated I have ever been. I am trying so hard to keep the faith, and the management of this titanic seems to be doing everything they can to test it.

The only saving grace is that I gave up my season tickets.

Man, after that great Labour Day game, and the improvement over the last couple of years, I had high hopes for this year.

A blowout the following weekend in Montreal was a tough pill to swallow, although still understandable.

Last week's pathetic display of football. at home, is beyond comprehension and has pushed me to the point where I'm no longer looking forward to next week's game, but rather, I'm almost dreading it for fear of another huge embarrassing disappointment.

I ,mean, these weren't well played games that resulted in losses, or even close losses.

How they lost these last two weeks, is pushing me to the point of not caring anymore, They'd better win, and win soon.

I will not stand for a return to the embarrassment era, no sir!

Well said! Very well said!

We've had far too much turnover of players and coaches in the first years of the Bob Young era.

If we had stuck with Greg Marshall # 1, Coaches Reed, LaPolice, Murray, McPhee and let them build upon the good foundation that we already had starting, we could have very well had a dynasty by now. We had some great pieces of the puzzle from the get-go and it all started by Bob Young's hiring of Greg Marshall. I truly believe that !..... Instead, I believe Bob Young was talked into doubting his instincts by so called "better football minds" than himself and the systematic dismantling and banishment of all those quality people his vision first attracted has resulted in this year to year panic by games 4 or 5.

I hardly pay attention to the names on the roster anymore because they come and go so quickly nowadays.

We don't seem to be able to develop local legends anymore like the Morreales, Hitchcocks and Zatylnys or do we have the locker room bosses like Cooler (Carl Coulter) or Ozzy (Paul Osbaldiston).

I don't see or hear the chatter on the streets anymore either and that concerns me.

It's not too late to re-build that 70's, 80's and 90's excitement again though. We just have to stop doing the same things we have (since the departure of the coaches I mentioned) and expecting different results.

We had a good thing starting in 2004 but lost our nerve to see it through.

It can be fixed if a new long term plan is developed, explained to the fan base, and followed through on. The year to year crap shoot with new coaches and a roster full of new faces will never work.

Any long-term plan will certainly involve the "new" stadium, but the team needs to get past 2011-2103 first.

Oops. I meant 2011-2013 (or will it take until the 22nd century???)

Rearrange the deck chairs? I also left with about 3 minutes left in the game. I usually stick around to the very end. One thing I noticed that was very disturbing - the fans started to leave late in the third guarter. If this is any indacation how the fans feel about Marcel and the rest of the team good luck putting any bums in the seats for the next home game. I have been a fan and season ticket holder for many years. I wear my Tiger Cat hat everywhere and I still hope Marcel will be brought aside by Obie and hopefully they can get their perverbial crap together. One thing for sure.........if this team continues to stink the joint out....expect more fans to jump off the band wagon and concentrate on the NFL. I travel from Kitchener to watch the games regulary and I will continue to do so...........the internal optimist. The roar will be back!

deer wrote:
"The year to year crap shoot with new coaches and a roster full of new faces will never work."

It does not have to be this way. Look at Edmonton..they take Kavis Reed who has since showed he knows how to manage and develop a team very well. We still have not seen his full potential yet. We overlooked whatever talent he must have had. Look at Paul LaPolice in Winnipeg. How about Marc Trestman who had no CFL experience. Jim Barker is a great motivator even though he still has to develop a winner. John Hufnagel was an unproven head coach when he was hired and he has been able to field a very competitive team. I don't think any of this happened by accident. Conversely when Greg Marshall did not work out in Saskatchewan the team did not hesitate to get rid of him when the team was going nowhere. The signs were there that it would not work and they did something about it. Look at the difference now...and the only change was the head coach.
Where is the talent-spotting ability when it comes to the Tiger-Cat coaches? This year we have two unproven co-ordinators. Last year we had an OC who was a master of predictability and non-creative play calling. And after three seasons under Marcel we are below .500 on the season with a messy and disappointing product despite the talent on the field.
Sometimes changes have to be made based on the the overall results. You just can't carry on using some philosophy like "this or that will never work" while you ignore what is before you.
We are being left behind.......again.