Have faith!

As most, not all, of us know, the season is in fact longer than two games. Crazy eh? We have a lot of good tallent and good coaches. We WILL bounce back. The Lions are not a 4-14 team. They're not even a 9-9 team!
So make sure be paitent and keep the faith and keep chearing for your Leos!

Those who run after 2 loses are not true fans.

With the number of changes on the Lions, why are people surprized? The new players will need a few games to gel. If the team is 0-6, then I'd be concerned. Wally won't let the situation get to that stage, though.

I agree,

We have to shake up our defense. God awful tackling. I think Wally needs to remind them of the basics, low and wrap up. It wasn't just against Hamilton, it was just as bad against Saskatchewan.

If I was Coach, I'd be running tackling drills this week in practice!

I agree people need to settle down and let these guys get used to operating as a team. Some are doubting Buck, but I think he will get his groove back. My take is he was given the Stater job and now just needs to relax and play ball, not trying to force things.... it will come.

One thing I would have liked to see is Wally bring in Reggie Hunt.

I hate to say it but the Lions are gonna struggle this season. I really hope I'm wrong but with all the personnel changes, it's going to be tough

I still have faith in the Lions but I'm gonna be realistic and hope the Lions can exceed my expectations.

I’m afraid I have to agree with you Lionbacker. This will be a year of adjustments and grit for B.C. Last year they dropped their first 2 regular season games but finished with a respectable 11 and 7 record and I think the team was stronger last year. This was good enough for 3rd place in the west just a couple of points ahead of Edmonton.

While we have a number of the regulars back we still have “holes” that need to be filled. Credit the coaching staff and players doing their best to adapt.

The players themselves admit that B.C. is no longer leader of the pack and that the bar is going to be set by another team. Calgary? Saskatchewan?

I’m not big on projections but I would say that if all things remain equal and we finish 2nd I will not only be surprised but elated. I think realistically though we’ll be struggling to take 3rd spot. I would be very surprised to see us get past the semi-final. Hope Wally isn’t reading this. lol

  • A side note- should we be surprised that Calgary has dropped its first 2 games? I’m not. I remember back in '63 when B.C. lost the Grey Cup to Hamilton. In '64 they won the Grey Cup against Hamilton. Without significant player changes in '65 they lost the opener to Winnipeg. The Lions, Grey Cup Champions in '64 came in dead last in the western division in '65. Who would have thunk it? So Calgary better be careful. lol

We won't be a losing team this year but we sure won't be 12-6 if our D keeps coating their hands with grease...
Its werid, we'll be a very average team this year most likely. Not that average is horrible but we have been spoiled with great teams the last 6-7 years.

So true Grims. And in all of that time, we picked up just one Grey Cup (2006) despite finishing in top spot for a number of years. But teams have also finished in 3rd spot and won the Grey Cup so there is much to look forward to. Anything can happen in the playoffs. We must remember that players like Simons and Parish Jackson will not be around forever. Oh the life of a coach!

Lost 2 games by 7 points right and in both right till the end, albeit to 2 teams that most predicted to finish last. I could see being 0-4 or 1-3 tho cause it gets tougher these next 2. No worries cant always be great.

Take away the big names of: Logan, Clermont, Murphy and Wake = last place in the division if not the entire league. Sorry Wally.

Uh no, not a hope.

wally always have the ability to bring in people we've never heard of and they become stars in the league.. i've no doubt he'll be able to find someone to replace the lost personnel. i mean come on.. before we brought in cam wake and logan.. nobody have heard of them before.. or else there'll be 7 other teams trying to sign them.. last in the dividion and dead last in the league? i think you are smoking crack.. troll somewhere else

Mallet is doing quite well filling in for Logan. P Jackson is filling in for Clermont and Emmanuel Arceneaux is stepping up. Our O-Line is still hurting a bit but our D looks solid but not great anymore.

Pass me the pipe and some tinfoil then.

After 3 weeks, BC is still a strong team in the CFL. In yards, #2 in offense and #4 in defense with +1 takeaways/giveaways. But there is still room for improvement. BC needs to improve on pass defense and protecting quarterbacks.