Have Barrett and Shivers Overstayed their Welcome?

I think they're going to be gone here.. 1-3 is not the start we all figured the Riders would have.. and you can see them being 1-4 after next weekend!

I think its time to go, the players I think are starting to not listen to Barrett.

We are only 1-2 right now.

I agree, Barrett needs to go.....You watch him on the sideline and you very little emotion at all.

He must have been listening to CKRM and the two fools we have for broadcasters--Pederson and Carteri. Pederson said more than once that we were 1-3 yesterday , then changed it to 1-2.
I agree that B&S(BS) have to go. They wore out their welcome a long time ago, especially Shivers and his affirmative action hiring policy.

Some serious trade rumors are flying around, latest Ive heard was something between Hamilton and Saskatchewan. Now this is just what ive heard but its something like Danny Barrett for Greg Marshall and a future draft pick.

Danny Barrett for a kicking tee.....straight up.....

No, then we would have to throw in a couple of helmets as well, the ones Barrett didnt wear in practice when he tried to show Nealon and Butler on how to avoid the pass rush.... :lol:

Don’t let either of those bums leave on their own terms …FIRE THEM BOTH, NOW…I’m so sick of that WAY down south of the boarder double talking, slack jawed, shuck and jive, B and S attitude, it’s an embarrassment to professional football, GOOD RIDDANCE YA BUMS…GO RIDERS GO

last game i blame ritchie hall.he runs d. d was horrible.offence played well.running the same d for 5 years is starting to catch up with the riders.no changes at the half killed the riders again.i think its time to say bye to hall.

fire shivers, give barrett one more yr.

I think it is a case of shivers being a bad influence on barrett and creating bad vibes throughout the locker room.

The Riders looked like they had the summer off, not just a week. They were totally unprepared. Calgary knew exactly what they were going to do, but the Riders, fooled every time. I am so sick of this, we are nice guys so lets finish last, attitude of ours. Barret, your a nice guy so why don't you go work the window at McDonalds providing service with a smile, while we get a coach that wants to win.

i agree they do need to go, but i like shivers and barrett as a person when he invited me into the back after the game to drink a few beers and have some food with the players,he was a very funny/nice guy, i know they have to go they have been in there way to long especially when they have barly acomplished anything, but person wise i liked them alot.

ya i agree :wink: i dont think that Danny is the problem :expressionless:

:lol: :lol: :lol: The ship is sinking! This happens when Calgary beats the riders. All the Rider BOG come on and want to fire everyone how embarassing!

redwhite 2005 i'm glad you can stand on your apple box and gloat about the Stamps .and i'm happy you've moved the apple box from behind your mascott, I was starting to worry about you

Well 05, Shivers and Barrett have been here six years , the best year being 04, going to the Western Final. Thats when they should have been gone, its been all downhill from there. There is time to turn this season around, a shake-up of some sort is needed to wake these guys up.

My thoughts exactly. Clean house and get it over with

First why would I stand behind Ralph the Dog! And why would I not gloat! My team plays good football! I just find it funny that you guys one that last game with BC and some fans for the Riders were out buying GC tickets! Now after playing the Stamps and losing the game everyone needs to be fired. The firing should have happened last year. I have heard on hear the the Rider defense is the bbest in the league well two blow outs in three games tells me that the defense needs to be reworked. Gloating you bet. :roll:

For some reason the Riders are the only football team that can't make adjustments at half time. Its time to clean house.

If you can’t make a winner in 7 years then you’ve got to clean house! Get rid of Shivers, Barrett, Hall…

Make Cortez the Head Coach and get a real GM.

Hey!! Rider B.O.G.....did you notice what happened in Hamilton this morning? See what happens when other teams don't live up to expectations??