Have Athletes Outgrown the NFL Playing Field?

AFC Final:

A lunging TD catch made 5 yards deep in the end zone is barely completed because two strides takes the receiver to the end line. A big part of the entertainment appeal of the NFL deals with these large athletes making plays along the edges of their smaller playing field. Still, it would have been a shame if that athletic catch was incomplete because they ran into the line on the second stride.

Its a wonder with 53% less playing area and only 9% less players, the NFL requirement is for two feet to be in bounds before any part of the body touches outside the field of play or end zone.

The most arcane rule in sports this two feet in bounds. Any other sport I can think of one foot ie. reaching over the blue line in hockey, one foot fine; foul ball in baseball, one foot fine; basketball, one foot fine, college football in the States, one foot fine etc. It really takes away from what was an excellent play by the receiver. I don't get it why the NFL sticks with this rule.

In baseball, the placement of the fielder's feet has nothing to do with whether or not the ball is fair or foul. It can be either fair or foul with both feet in either fair or foul territory

In not so many words, that's what I was trying to get at.

So many amazing athletic catches. Everything about what the receiver does makes me want to reward that athlete with success but whoops, that thigh grazed the white grass before the second foot touched the green.

You have to draw the line somewhere I suppose. With the two foot requirement, the small field and some of the largest and fastest athletes in the world it happens often in the NFL.

The NFL doesn't need anything to increase offense in the game right now. However if the game ever evolved to be overly defensive, this is probably one area they could look at to loosen up the game.

THE NFL broadcasters Love the two feet in replays. supposed to be more professional. it makes the field of play smaller and catches easier!

Ok ro, my bad on that one. Why doesn't NBA announcers like the court to be smaller then and "more professional" with having to have two feet in bounds reaching to get a ball out of bounds? Weird.

Just my opinion bt to me I love the two feet in bounds. I find great talent in a guy tapping both feet to get in. :thup: Guys like Chris Carter and Randy Moss are incredible to watch at this

I don't question there is a skill set involved in this unique method of catching the ball. That being said, don't you agree it does take away from the excitement aspect of more potential completions to keep a drive going and also less ability for acrobatic catches ie. one foot up in the air and body twisted? Two feet in bounds basically means often the guy standing there and just stretching to get a ball, less jumping, and when they do jump they have to get that other foot down quickly so again, less likely to really be able to go after a ball. Either way, it's not a big deal to me, with the extra down they should make it harder I suppose to catch a ball, I guess so anyways.