Have any of you ever been to oklahoma?


No but I once met your Gov. Brian Bosworth

Yes, Oklahoma City and my great grandmother was for Oklahoma!

Closest I have ever been to Oklahoma was Kansas

I have spent sometime in Oklahoma - 6 hours - I consider myself an expert on the state.

here is what ur missing




and here is what ur not



We have lots of that in Canada, too.....

what? Canada's known for their outdoors? I dont believe it!

what? Canada's known for their outdoors? I dont believe it!

I was at the Play a couple days ago with my school.

Nice photos, but what do the women look like?

the spectrum is huge. There are some fine ones with that southern girl thing going on, and then we have some fat chicks living on their couch.

Yes, I have been to Oklahoma, went there to see the bomb memorial at OKC, nothing much else.

you know what the three most popular car plate logo motos are in Ok?

  1. Oklahoma, trees are made of WOOD!
  2. Oklahoma, the circus has been here TWICE!
    and finally
  3. Oklahoma, Oklahome, there I said it TWICE!

And spelled it wrong once :slight_smile:

Really Sooner every time you post you give everyone in Canada a good laugh. Really who do you think you are! What is your point coming to this site? Did you know you give people the wrong impression of who Okies are? When you were born the doctors slapped your parents? If you wish to be nice about your posts and want to find out what Canada is all about just travel. But then again your KFC french fry guy job does not allow you to leave your pittiful existance. Now move on nothing for you here!
I hear that the NFL site needs someone to laugh at.

I am out!

The reason I take this personal is I have family flying over in Afganistan and Iraq under his colors and he is insulting Canadians and Americans.

Ever see him post something that was not anti-Canadian and Pro-American!

nope I haven't and doesn't look the least intresting.

all i did was ask if anyone here has ever been to oklahoma. Is that illegal under canadian law or something, cuz i wasnt saying anything bad.

well my topics about which cfl teams sell out and who is thought to be the best players from each sport arent anti-canadian and pro-american. i try to post something that isnt, and people bring it into it.

ok, some a few have been unbiased, but a lot of your topics have been biased mate, and to the wrong people.

remember this US>>>>>>>>>>>Canada. not smart.