Have All Sensible Posters Deserted The Board?

Maybe it's just 'cause I'm a 'cats fan and I don't know what this playoff thing is that people keep talking about. :smiley:

Anybody out there that ISN'T into trash talk?

No!!!! Welcome to the Playoffs!

I know what you are saying Mark. Lots of trash talking. There are still a core of good posters around, but some good Guys like Big Dave, Third & Ten, Esks32001, roughyfan, to name a few haven't been around much. I miss their sensible views.

No they haven't all deserted the board. I'm still here.

I'm sure things will quiet down after Sunday. I hope they well at least...

Whe people once again bring up the insane talk of expansion in the near future, then yeah, sensible people take a break and let them have at it for a while.

Here... no trash. I think Winnipeg and Saskatchewan will win and that they will display the true character that champions should. Hmm?

Define what a sensible poster is? :wink:

Love your new signature Dust. Looks good. :slight_smile:

I know, after Grey Cup we''l have 5 months of:

Expand To Saskatoon :roll:
Expand to the States :roll:
Expand to Victoria :roll:
Expand the washrooms so I can throw up. :twisted:

The word expansion annoys me... lol

I agree with you Sporty

I'm here, what are you talking about? hahaha

I thought things were pretty well normal and basically the same as it was before game 1. Yeah! same ole.

Mark maybe this site is too much for you. Maybe try Oprah Winfrey site.

Who the hell is Oprey Winnfrey? :lol:

What you still a sore loser? You will get over it! Well know I guess not they fired the wrong guy up in Edmonton. 7 cfl teams fans are glad they kept him.

Eskimos 2 years out of the playoffs!

Sensible poster = Oxymoron?

Still riding that, eh?

:lol: :lol: Just your you chief!

A big black bird closely related to the Osprey.

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus), also known colloquially as seahawk, fish hawk or fish eagle, is a medium-large fish-eating bird of prey or raptor. However, it is not the same as an Edmonton Eskimo. It is found on all continents except Antarctica although Edmonton Eskimos can often be found in the playoffs at the end of a season.The Osprey is widely distributed because it tolerates a wide variety of habitats, nesting in any location which is near a body of water and provides an adequate food supply. The Edmonton Eskimo is primarily static venturing away from home only eight to ten times a season.

Because the Osprey has many unique characteristics, it has been given its own taxonomic genus, Pandion, and family, Pandionidae. It is a medium-sized raptor, reaching 60 cm (24 in) in length with a 1.8 m (6 ft) wingspan. The Eskimo is green on the upperparts and predominantly yellow on the head and underparts and has been assigned the genus loseus findusawayus.

As its other common names suggest, the Osprey's diet consists almost exclusively of fish while the Eskimo prefers crow. It has evolved particular physical characteristics and exhibits some unique behaviours to assist in losing and collasping during football games.