Have a nice Playoffs Roomies

Well, here we are on a Monday "mourning", and although the Renegades had a good first half against the Als, they are right where they deserve this morning; out of the playoffs.
And I'm in real mourning because my son's football team almost beat the #1 team in the A- Cup semi-finals but got beat on a last minute 3rd down attempt in which the kid dropped the ball, but the ref made a bad call and gave it to him for the win. So maybe that was a pre-cursor of what was to come for the Renegades.
But what a day for football that was in the Cap. And there's nothing better than spending quality time with your kid at the old ball park.

As we were walking back to our car, I told my son, "The Sens better blow out the Leafs tonight!"
So with Domi down for the count, and my frustration gone after I popped a few beers, I started to reflect on how The Als and Don Matthews are real fierce competitors who never let up. And I wish the Als all the best against the backdoor Riders.

Go Als Go!!

You gotta show respct to those that defeat you, well done Superman!

GO ALS GO!!!!!!! Ottawa in the PO in 06, BOMBERS IN 06!!!!!!!!!!!

It was sad to see the Gades bow out. Indeed, they played a very good game. But turnovers, penalties and bad, bad tackling did them in. And man was I pissed at the ref’s call on that Montreal fumble recovered by our boys which was then called an incomplete pass!!! It was all downhill after that.
Hats off to Joseph, Ranek and Armstead. They had a great game. I’m cheering for the Argos to round out a great CFL season.

Supersmith, we'll try to serve a lesson to those western bacterias who took the Renegades' playoffs spot. And next year, we'll cheer for you when you'll face the Argos in the east semi-final to get a chance to play the final at the Big O.

I hope you got some of that strong penicillin, because some bacteria is really really tough to get rid of :wink:

And supersmith, wasn't that a great win for the Sens. I am not a huge Sens fan, but being a Habs fan we share a common enemy. It was a very enjoyable game to watch

Go ALS go. It pisses me off that the Regina Roughriders steal our name and then our play-off spot. I can't wait for the day when all four Eastern teams make the playoff-s and 3 Western teams sit it out for a change.

Maybe you should've kept using the name, that team from Regina never would've gotten it.

I won't say that the Eastern crossover won't happen, but man, there would have to be quite the shakeup for that to happen.

If it does though, it'll obviously be deserved. Would be quite the shock to a lot of fans out this way.

Our time will come Ottawa_Rough_Rider. :wink:
Then they'll kill the crossover.

Yep... they'll kill the crossover mid-way through the season during which the four eastern teams will make a run for it. Especially if the Esks sit in third place in the west.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA, ain't that the truth !!!!!!