Have a look!

I like posting something to look at instead of plain old comments, y'know?

Sure! We get our butts kicked by Ottawa but we looked good in those old unis! A little birdie told me we're ditching the gold jersies as our thirds and going to the old-school look next season!


I'm diggin' the groovy Sanyo ad too!

I'll take the SANYO ad over most today (I'm an old fogie) but the score sure seems consistent with what we've seen lately.

The uniforms? In a heartbeat!

ditching the golds would be terrible. They are the best 3rd jersey in the league. Not to mention all of the people that bought one.

For me its about consistancy... we've had a different look/jersey every year since Bob took the team over. Lets settle on SOMETHING and keep it for a while.

Zambiasi's the man.

Loved all of that!!!


Thanks for the link.

I went into Earl's Big Night at the side of the link and man 'o' man did I enjoy that as well.

Awesome stuff.

great link but you are wrong about the "old uniforms" ub40..
the gold are old (er) i remember us in all golds in the 1950s.. or so my football card collection would have me recall..
bernie faloney was QB at the time.
so dont ditch the gold...

I agree, Smokey, but the old 50's golds didn't look like these current ones, at all! No fancy side panels, black numbers, USC-style shoulder inserts... nice and traditional looking those were!

And, no goofy, out of place, red trim! If we can get rid of the red on our stuff, it'll be worth going back to retro!

The jerseys in that video are the exact same as our current white jerseys but the difference is the new ones are modernized. The whole point of a third jersey is to have something completely different and not have the same looking jersey just retro.

If you wanna see those old jerseys we should do what the blue jays do on every Friday and have a Throwback day and have one game a season and wear those retro jerseys. Like we did with the all white on labour day.

Just a thought, because I think the Gold jerseys are really different and cool looking. The red highlights around the numbers is tied into the Tiger-Cats tongue I think that a third jersey should be the teams colour that has not been used on the regular jerseys for example Calgary...

Red with Black and white highlights(Home)
White with Black and Red highlights(Away)
Black with Red and White Highlights(Third)

I like the retro jerseys! I also miss the old logo. Wish they would bring it back.

the '79 jerseys look very similar to the ticats current road whites....so i dont really see a point in bringin these back.

Hmmm...maybe we should have tried to get Holloway instead of Clements.

I'm sure that anyone who was a Ticat fan circa 1988 would enjoy seeing that YouTube video titled "Earl's Big Night." Actually, any Ticat fan (who might not have been a Ticat fan in 1988) would have to enjoy seeing clips of a game in which the Ticats defeat the blue team on Labour Day. That is something that brings back some great memories. And it was a video that I too only foud out about after looking in the "related videos" section of that video that was mentioned in the first post to this thread.