Have a little faith in Richie Williams

You dont know his true ability until you start him and let him work with fresh players. You cant stick the national champ late in the 4th quarter and expect him to meet every expection, especially down 30 points and with a team that has given up at half time. Obviously the ticats season is, again, a losing one. Seems to me its time to shake some things up. Have faith in Richie. Kid will never give up and will find ways to win. I have known Richie and have watched him play many times. Maas needs a serious break because he hasnt had a solid game the whole season...and Eakin is obviously a inconsistent joke. You may doubt him now since he's "3rd string" but you'll change your minds later...

Good Luck and stick with it loyal Ti-cats fans! :thup:

I want him to start Saturday because Eakin is useless, Maas is hurt, and Williams shows promise.

hopefully he'll get his shot soon enough. but with a season like this, it would seem they have nothing to lose

The part that pisses me off is the season is over but i bet Williams will never start its not the Ti-cat way;why who knows?

No, it's not the LANCASTER way.

i havent really kept up with the ti-cats until this year with richie…how long has lancaster been with the ti-cats? he has to notice what hes doing and how he’s running things isnt quite working. Though the key players he has put is faith in havent played at a professional level.

faith in richie!


Lancaster was our coach from 98-2004. He took over and the Cats had the best turnaround in CFL history for a single season.

He was brought back to coach after coach Marshall was fired because Ron stayed in the organization as an advisor (nothing more, regardless of what you read here).

Ron has a history of not going to his backup because our old QB never came out of the game, we also never had a backup that was good enough to put in. Very few of which are still playing pro football.

This year we are in a situation where the QBs are better, so last game we saw both backups. Ron is loyal to his starter because Jason earned the starting job with his history.

Keep in mind that Richie is a raw rookie to the CFL so it may take some time for him to learn things, he came in against a defence playing prevent in a blowout. Perhaps he'll see more action and can prove more.

Hope that helps.

thanks crash...

i do understand richie is a rookie to the CFL and i dont expect him to become a star in week. I do know that he has the capability, motivation, and talent to become an asset to the ti-cats organization as a leader just like he has for his teams in the past. His speed and mobility as a scrambling QB always makes him a double-threat.

Williams looked very tiny on the field but impresses me more then the others : quickness, poise and mobility. A certain feeling of novelty, a strong arm...Unless turnovers, he will lead tabbies to the next victory, and a few.

williams is stringy which makes him more elusive when he breaks out of the pocket. He was considered the Michael Vick of I-AA football. Even though he is at a whole different level of play, he will adapt and if given a chance, will prove himself.

Not going to happen
he was Playing vs Zone all Night..
Mop up Duty is nothing
He'll be lost in a Full Game..
You'll kill what Confedence he has Gained.

Keep him to mop Up work for now

and im sure maas will soon come around right?

he may be a rookie in the "CFL" but that doesnt mean hes a rookie to the sport of football. He knows exactly what to do so dont pretend he'd be "lost" . He will always be ConfIdent regardless.

Doubt him now, praise him later.

He was playing vs zone (ok) for half a quarter !

half a quarter...exactly...
what can he prove in a half-quarter? But Maas and Eakin had there chances to start...and you see where that has landed the ti-cats...2-8 ? Who are you putting your faith in as QB?

I think the gamble is worth the price. Richie Williams seems to be the best alternative right now ! Concretely, bet the man is gonna make it !

I thought he looked good the other night, and I'd like to see him get his shot. But remember....he didn't have to face any blitzes.

Throughout the whole season the ticats have shown that they are incapable of dealing with blitzes from opposing defences. The quarterback, whether it be Maas or Eakin, is immediately put under pressure and makes mistakes.

Richie was lucky enough to be put into a situation where Saskatchewan was kind enough to not blitz the quarterback, given their 30 point lead. So he had time to make his reads and set his feet and throw.

That said...who knows, he could be the next Warren Moon. You never know until you play him.

its not like Sask was going easy on us just because we were playin badly (remember that onside kick attempt?)

R&R Dave ,how true sask was sitting back taking it easy with blitzes ,so it's really not a fair evaluation of a QB at all.

But a bit of seasoning for him...

You could not have said it any better, AppState07! I am also a Richie Williams fan, and I have seen this kid in action! Those who are underestimating him now will be kissing the ground he walks on later. In due time will people see the talent this kid has! :thup:

richie hada nice 60 yard pass dropped by peterson, wuda bin a nnice td