Have a great time at the -Black and Gold- game today!

Man, I wish I could be there but I have some serious grass-cutting to do (but if Coach Marshall could committ to sending a few 'rooks' up here tomorrow to mow the lawn, I'd gladly reconsider) :lol:

Anyways, I hope you all have a great time and by looking outside, it's gonna be sunny and hot!.......finally! (take the sun block and water bottles!)

Have fun and please......take lots of photos for us! :stuck_out_tongue:

(2:00 pm at McMaster so I understand....and parking is free for all on the weekends also!.......nice!)

your friend,


Go Cats!

Looks like you have more spare time than you thought, mikey. :rockin:

I always wondered though......who does one cheer for? .....the 'black'?......or......the'gold'?

:roll: :wink:

Thats easy mikey, whats more exciting during the game, a big TD, actch or run OR a big INT or sack or hit over the middle?

pick accordingly

Always the defence for me. Having never been to a black and gold game, I'm not sure which one the defence is.

This being one of the more competitive training camps we've had in a while, the weather is quite good. For these reasons, there might be quite a few people attending this game. And hopefully many people will then post their thoughts on who imprssed them. If this game may well turn out being what can make or break some players' chances of making the team, it sure will be interesting.

Have fun.

is there an autograph session after the game?