have 4 tickets to get rid of

Hey folks!...I have 4 tickets to get rid of for today's tilt....Sec 6, row 27 seats 5, 6, 7, 8,...I don't want anything in return I just don't want them to go to waste...I enter at the Beechwood gate and should be there about 5-ish.....I'll be wearing a Retro Jersey #99...


Thats very good of you to offer!

Other people on here (they know who they are) think its better to require the people who get the tickets to be an adult and a kid and then have to write a story and take photos.

Its better to help ANYONE that could use the tickets and just offer them truly free if for no other reason than good karma.

I live in BC so I have to pass. :slight_smile:

Just couldn't resist eh Zen?

Can I ever? :slight_smile:

have the tix been spoken for yet?