Hats off to you Hamilton!!

As a Bomber fan I'am disappointed but then again, I'am not! Hopefully the Bomber organization will take a good look in the mirror and make the required moves that need to be made for next season.
I'am not a Ti-Cat fan and maybe I'll get kicked out of here but all I have to say is....all the power to all of you and I wish you the best of success against the Casey Printers led,B.C.Lions. It should be a heck of a game and I'am off next weekend so I'll be watching and hoping for a great game!!
It's great to see your Ti-Cats have become a contender and I'am happy for all of you because of the lean years you've had to endure in the last few years.

All the power to you Ti-Cat fans and the best of luck in the playoffs!!!!

The Scotsman

Beat it!

(It's the Otis Floyd in me :wink: )

Wow!! A cordial Bomber fan. I'm impressed. Thanks Scotsmen. I'm not sure what to say about your team in that I somehow doubt your management will fire Kelly only one year into his contract. My guess is your team will re-evaluate the QB position very closely and to be honest.....I think that's all your team needs. (That and to let Manny Matsakis call the plays).

Holy crap!!!

A Bomber fan that isn't trolling.... good on you... thanks for the words..... best of luck handling that albatross Kelly.... I would not wish that, even on the Blew team!!

Thanks Scotsman , I have watched my team play bad the last few years . Now its your turn.

I hope your joking because I'am being sincere!! If not "Oh well" I'am still being a sincere Bomber fan!!
The best of luck in the playoffs!!

Hi Wallace and thanks...I don't see them dumping Kelly due to his contract but you never know!! The Qb position "MUST" be a #1 priority...but that will be tough!!

The best of success to you against the Lions and then the Al's!!

Hopefully "My Turn" doesn't last as long!! No offense intended!!!! I personnally think Toronto have more problems then the Bombers....at least I'd like to think that they do.

Good luck against the Lions.

No,I don't do the trolling thing! Kelly??? He's locked in for another two years I think ,so I HAVE TO HOPE FOR THE BEST!!!

Good luck to you're Ti-Cats against the Lions...it should be a heck of a game!!

The Scotsman

Id pay kelly to stay away ....... if i was the Bombers .

Oh, he's joking alright. Check out the Otis Floyd comment and the wink. At first I was quite shocked but noticed the wink and the comment and had a good chuckle. We're really not that mean in the Hammer. :lol: :lol:

I'am curious to know how you Ti-Cat fans must feel about Printers coming back trying to do you damage and move on to the Al's?? Glenn coming back to the Peg and knocking them off stung abit for sure,BUT life goes on!! It's just football. What do you Ti-Cat fans think of the Printers situation?

I am a big Hamilton fan, and I am glad that we are hosting a playoff game for the first time in years.

However, I don't think that Coach Kelly is a bad guy. He seems to be no nonsense and tough. I think he is an OK coach. I agreed with his comments about playing hard.....I think that in Montreal they WERE focused.

Anyhow, GO CATS GO!!!!

I personally don’t mind that he’s coming back in this way. My beef is…he showed absolutely nothing while here and then somehow turns his life around and is almost like the Printers of 2004. I feel that somehow we got burned by the whole scenario. Of course…I imagine a lot of what happened back then also had to do with the team that we had in place around Printers. The fact that we had a host of receivers in and out, and a porous O-line where no matter who was at QB…they were running for their lives. Oh well.

I just hope the crowd can be very vocal and cause some disruption with his play calling. But all in all…I’m looking forward to the game and may the best team win.

IF Printers plays.. .good on him.. he was not given the proper tools to succeed here...... but I think the Lions problems goes way beyond just their QB....

I hold no ill will towards Casey and I wish him all the luck..... against everyone but us!!.....lol

Congrats to Hammy for securing a home playoff date and helping my Leo's in through the back door! Rather ironic that we will be facing you now. Just don't take use for granted, even with all the problems and are record against you this year. You know how that can work out sometimes. :wink:

I think the Cats learned a lesson on Thanksgiving by taking the Blue Bombers too lightly.

After that game, we have been unstoppable. This team will prepare and not look ahead.

The Lions still have the talent to beat anyone on any given Sunday. Unfortunately for the Lions, they have been slumping and have been hit by injuries at the wrong time.

The Cats will be up to the challenge next Sunday. It will be a good game and hopefully we come away with a win but that's taking nothing away from BC.

I know exactly what you mean Scotsman --

I'm an Argo fan - but I'm going to be IWS on Sunday cheering my heart out for the Ti-Cats. Love the Ivor Wynne enviro., wish we played in a smaller place in TO.

The rivalry is great, but it's only really fun when both teams are good. I'll take a southern Ontario team over the westerners any day, and I love the group of players Hamilton has this year [and tolerate Bruce :wink:]

So, for the '09 playoffs its oskee wee wee all the way to the cup, God knows they deserve it!

Several friends and I were talking about that very thing yesterday. Although its a hard pill to swallow we were unanimous about missing the playoffs likely being the best thing for the Bombers and their fans. We all felt that any playoff success you might have would deflect attention from the changes that need to be made for your team to be successful in the future

I really don't feel Printers has any reason to bear us any ill will. I don't think the majority of fans care about Casey printers one way or the other either. Besides will he even be able to play?