Hats off to the CFL from an American Fan

Absolute incredible game Montreal Alouettes pulled off today. NFL hardly produces games like this, but the CFL seem to do it on a weekly basis.

Thank you for your comment.
A definite fact, the No Funners cannot come close to this best sporting excitement in North America.
Yes week in and week out.

Well not all CFL games are this exciting but it isn’t an unusual occurrence to have a game go down to the wire and to have unlikely comebacks. After all in the CFL “No Lead is Safe”!

It all starts with the field size and the rules.
I like to say like comparing the international hockey size rink to the postage stamp NHL size.

Exactly. I stopped watching NFL 10 yrs ago…slow and boring. I went to a game just for the tailgate and was bored during the whole game.

nfl is successful due to gambling - period
cfl would do well to allow teams 2 timeouts per half
that way a team could ‘stop the clock’ on ‘2 n out’ and still get ball
more excitement

The NFL was successful long before most Americans were gambling on it.

For sure there have been so many duds for NFL games including especially the night games so far this season except for one last Sunday, and that one was not all that good.

americans have been gambling on nfl for a very long time
was just more illegal back in the day

This past Thursday night’s game sure fits that comment

i think the adoption of the 2 pt convert was delayed as it causes issues with betting parlours predicting the line
follow da money

Americans worship their NFL because “football is war.”

“are u not entertained ?!!”

Only 3 downs to get 10…More passing
Wider Field
Receivers in motion
No fair catches
And more player input when adapting plays on the run… just to name a few goodies

Way more exciting! Way more spontaneous!

I really hate how everyone here in the States perceive the CFL as second rate when comparing it to the all but mighty NFL. Im sorry but the CFL is much more exciting and has higher scores thanks to it being more offensive minded.

its all about perception is that paying high always gets u the best player
then add betting/pool $s
so many americans i meet dont really care about football but do carte about betting

attenance at games is down

Three games/events acted to spur the explosion in popularity of the NFL.

  1. The 1958 and then 1959 NFL Championship games between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants. The fan and media interest in these games prompted both the creation of the AFL and expansion of the NFL. I’m not entirely sure of this since I was too young to even be aware of these teams let alone games, but I don’t think there was such a single-minded focus on the point spread at the time.

  2. The 1969 Super Bowl between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts. By then fans’ and media focus was on the spread. Talk was all about the Colts’ being seventeen point favourites with betting money continuing to pour in on the Colts.


Wat really spured the
NFL. Was the old
AFL. Putting teams in non NFL cities at the time. As the tite nit smaller NFL owners didnt want any outsiders in.
Forcing the Merger. Now a much bigger NFL had covered alot more growing & big cities fan base.
Much like MLB and the American league did way over
A century
Then the owner of the NY Giants opened up the doors for profit sharing. That was spurred by TV money by multiple networks.
It surpassed MLB as the number 1 sport in US.

AS for the CFL. NFL. They were once on close to equal ground before that. Due to racism & segregation of the NFL.
The CFL was the only other option & players of color jumped the border.
The AFL tapped into that market of to players of color from the Black Colleges.
The NFL not so long ago were still racist wen it came to black QBs.
Warren Moon began that change.

The biggest thing is that among the top 5 pro sports world wide. 4 of the five are US based and by far can pay the most $$$ by far.
Only US & Canada play high level Gridiron pro football.
They just happen to share a border.
Japan was and is still the #2 pro baseball team in the world. But Japan was on the other side of the world. But as the World shrunk with faster more accessable transportation as well as multi media access.
The best Players from the Japan pro league in the far East are now in MLB.
Exactly like the best Canadian Football players.
As for Soccer it is the worlds most popular sport. Outside of US & Canada.
As well the only two countries that dont call soccer Futball. Lol.
EPL is the top paying best league in the World. Along with other Euro Country leagues and South America.
The MLS isnt even in the top 5 or 10.